iRun because…

Sorry for the blogging absence.  I’ve had a 2-month case of “fuzzy brain” and the “I don’t give a crap-itis”.  It happens to the best of us!  I’ve been surviving with a huge focus on my workouts…I got back into my “boot camp”/circuit style gym (supplementing with the regular gym, of course).  I missed the camaraderie and it’s been helping me hold a healthier mental body image.

I had to share this…I saw it on Run The Edge‘s Facebook page:

Which one is YOUR reason?  I can’t decide on one but a few of mine:

  • iRun to prove anything is possible
  • iRun because it’s cheaper than therapy.  iRun for my body & my soul. iRun for my heart. (YES!)
  • iRun to find out what I’m made of.
  • iRun for the solitude.
  • iRun to enjoy life, stay healthy, & live longer.

My favorite part about running is that I am my own boss.  I decide my own limits, my attitude, my distance.  I decide where my thoughts will take me. I decide when I run, how fast I run, and why I run (it changes daily).  I decide how I will tackle my day (and my life) during my runs.

I’ve been on the “running DL” since my glorious marathon due to a knee injury.  It only hurts when I run and when I am walking/on my feet all day.  Argh!  I’m planning to schedule an appointment with my orthopedist to get me back in my running shoes!  I keep having dreams that I’m running pain-free (and in my dream I realize I’m running pain-free…creepy).  So it’s a sign I need to get myself fixed up!