Wish List(s)

Everyone has them… With my previous job I couldn’t afford much more than an extra box of cheerios at the end of each month.  It’s so easy to come up with a wish list when your money tree just isn’t growing.

Here’s mine (keep in mind, most of the items are preventative since I’m just waiting for the things I own to die given their age):

  1. New, bug-free apartment
  2. New laptop.  Mine dates back to 2006.  I was mocked by an IT guy for still using Word 2003.  It’s not terribly slow, exactly.  It just isn’t reliable. And my battery only lasts about 20 minutes (to the second) unplugged.
  3. New phone.  The smart fancy kind.  My phone is about 3  years old.  I didn’t even know I was capable of keeping a phone alive that long.  It’s starting to betray me though.  I don’t NEED an additional $40 added to my phone bill, and I truly can’t stand it when people are ALWAYS checking their phone in public…especially when they’re out to dinner…with me.  But anyway…
  4. New car.  Please note I plan to keep my car until it’s no longer worth dumping money into it for repairs.  I’ve had my sweet Lucy Goosey for nearly 7 years and haven’t had to have anything fixed aside from typical things (brakes, belts, shocks, etc.)  Just waiting for the shit to hit the fan with this one…and it’s going to be a lot of shit with a really big fan.  I can just feel it.  So I need to start saving. Now.
  5. New GPS/HRM for runnninggggggg.  One that doesn’t lose GPS signal when it’s cloudy. Or when I’m near the bluffs.  I can’t escape the bluffs.  Whether I run in Alton or the Glen Carbon/E-ville area…bluffs.  Everywhere.  I’m tired of remembering that I’ve run 5 miles once I pass that one rock by that one tree.  And for some reason, it loses signal in Granite City…apparently Granite City doesn’t exist according to global tracking devices…HA!
  6. New bike.  I don’t especially care for biking, but keep in mind I have a Huffy from Target that I got when I was 12.  It’s a beaut!  I hate to trash-talk her, but I want a road bike so I can go fast (psheeewww!) and fit in with the cool kids on the bike trails.  I started on the bike just to keep my cardio somewhat up to par after my stress fracture just wouldn’t goooo awaayyyyyy.  So I went into it with a greater love for running.  Sorry Ms. Bike.
  7. Doggie.  I want one so bad.  When I first moved/grew up I knew I wanted one, but I had the same logical reasons for not getting one: I could barely afford to take care of myself, I was never home, I traveled 6 months out of the year for work, I didn’t want to deal with caring for another living being, etc.  Now I’m ready. I think.  It’s a big  plunge to take…
  8. A good pair of flats.  Not the $12 pairs from Target that are so cute, but the $60 pair from the Naturalizer store because my feet need some TLC.  And I’m only 25…I’ve got a long road ahead for these tootsies…and a lot of miles to run.  So, they need to be in tip top shape.
  9. Hostess Devil’s Food Donettes…Please tell me you’ve seen them at your grocery stores.  Chocolate mini donuts covered in chocolate frosting.  Heaven.  I’ve resisted purchasing them for weeks.  I even put them in my cart last weekend, then stashed them in another aisle when reality hit that I’d probably eat the whole bag in a matter of days.  Lame.

Happy National Coffee Day!  And Happy “Jimmy John’s subs are only $1” Day!  And tomorrow’s Friday.

Awkward/gross moment from this morning:  My bathtub hasn’t been draining properly for several weeks and since I hate my landlord I refuse to contact him to fix it let alone fix it myself.  Especially since I’m sure it’s someone else’s nasty hair clogging the drain – a thought that makes me gag.  By the end of my morning shower (I don’t take long showers), the water is clear up past my ankles.  Sick.  I have found that a plunger works for a few days on the drain.  I lift up my plunger (that I put away dry from the last time I plungered the bathtub – 2 weeks ago)…and a dead water bug takes the place where my plunger once sat. OMG.  Hence, my move this weekend.  Then I thought of all the times I was in the bathroom, unaware of the waterbug fighting for its life under my plunger.

Bring on the Funk – Update

Yo – for all of you (2 or 3 readers) judging me for my “life is just too hard” post – I’m feeling much better.  I know you were all worried.

I had a successful & inspiring meeting with a department on campus interested in coordinating community service opportunities for their student staff members.  They inspired me and I inspired them. Winner, Winner: Chicken Dinner.  Now I just have to wait to hear back from our Spring Break service site to see if we can even go there – then my work life would be just glorious.

Also, that free fudge pop and snickerdoodle I  had for lunch probably enhanced the mood a bit.  On to think about dinner…that I’m too lazy and uncreative to come up with or make, and feeling too financially guilty to buy takeout (even if it is healthy), and too crabby to only eat cereal.

Bring on the Funk

Warning: this post is less than uplifting.

The funk that I’ve fallen into decided to slam on top of me like a ton of bricks yesterday.  And it’s the “I’m not sure I have the physical energy to even get through this day” type of funk.  And honestly, I just don’t give a hoot about much right now. Woo.

My day started at 4am when my alarm went off for a scheduled workout.  A workout is something I rarely miss unless I’m just completely and utterly bogged down.  I did my typical pre-workout assessment: “How do I feel? Am I tired? Am I sore? Do I feel any pain from previous injuries? Do I have a workout plan?”  Well, I felt fine, not really tired, minimal pain, kind of had a workout plan (not one I was excited about obviously), but my quads/hamstrings/glutes were still pretty sore from that Monday workout.  Although my true excuse for missing the workout was from pure mental/emotional exhaustion, I used my soreness as the scapegoat.  Probably a good decision in the long-run.  BUT that means that tomorrow and Friday will be required workout days…and there’s nothing more I hate than working out on Friday.  As if the previous 4-5 days of the week haven’t left me drained enough, the last thing I want to do on Thursday night (so close to the finish line) is think about how early I have to get up on Friday to workout.  Fridays are meant to be glorious.  Rough life, I know.

So there you have it.  For the past 2 months my weekends have been consumed with work or back-to-back events causing me to question when I’ll even have time to sit down.  Yeah, yeah, yeah…boo hoo, right?  On top of the busy weekends comes the Lease Flee of 2011 and all the gloriousness of moving.  Not to mention my guilt-complex-ridden brain that’s always thinking (Have I called my parents enough today?  Have I given enough recognition to everyone? Have I been too selfish? Have I told the people I care about how grateful I am for everything they’ve done? Have I called my mom yet to apologize for snapping at her? Wait…have I snapped recently? When am I going to find time this week to buy an anniversary gift for my parents? I wonder where that cricket is that escaped my “foot of death” this morning…Etc.).  Add all that to my constant thought that “I don’t even have kids to worry about…how in the world will I ever handle that on top of everything else that causes my blood pressure to go up?”  Good grief, it never ends.  So all that leads a “highly-sensitive”, ISFJ (or INFJ depending on the day) of a gal pretty emotionally drained.  Let’s not even talk about my work frustrations.  As much as I love this job, I experience equal amounts of frustrations – as with most people with most jobs. Yeah, I know.  “You and the rest of the world”.

Ok, pity party is officially over.
Happiness: Upgrading my satellite package to finally get the channels I always see showing things I want to watch for $5 more each month.  Not sure why my cheap-self didn’t do that in the first place.  Oh well… TV is pretty great.

Awkwardness for the day:  One of the (extremely talkative) secretary’s sons came in to visit this morning.  You know when you’ve stalked someone on Facebook that you aren’t friends with, but when people start talking about said person or you finally meet said person you feel so hindered to talk about what you actually know about that person, because you aren’t supposed to know those things about that person?  Yeah…it was like that.  Except I didn’t Facebook creep…his mom just reveals more than he cares her to.  I’m sure I had an awfully awkward look on my face.  Need to work on controlling my facial expressions…

Holy Sore Hamstrings, Batman!

Gah!  Remember how I said I nuked my quads yesterday?  I failed to mention my hamstrings were already tight from all the bending/lifting boxes this past weekend.  So I decided to run, do an insane leg workout (with leg curls…dumb), and play volleyball without stretching yesterday.  This morning consisted of me praying my legs didn’t give out before I made it to the bathroom.  Good thing today was a “rest day”.

Volleyball game recap: Bye Week is now 3-0.  Last night’s game (at 8:30pm…who does that?  I’m already in my PJs by then!) was a snooze.  Between the yawns and nearly falling asleep at the net from boredom, I didn’t even break a sweat.  We won despite all the opposing team’s uncalled lifts, “backward plow” moves, and attacks on our serves.  And no one got hurt or collided into.  I’m just waiting for the ball to drop on this one.

Happiness for today: finding my ipod last night! WOO!  It was tucked away amidst all my store & restaurant coupons in my purse.  Hooray!

Awesomeness for today: I received a ‘thank you’ in the mail from my boss’s boss for helping with the University’s 10th Anniversary 9/11 Observance.  I really just thought I was doing my job…How’s that for continued motivation?  Love. This. Place.


Awkward moment of the day: Ok, so this didn’t happen today but it’s awkward and a must-share.  At a good friend’s wedding, we were huddled together in a room in the banquet center of their reception because of an impending tornado spotted only miles from our “party”.  I had enjoyed a few glasses of wine before her mother-in-law came up to chat with me.  She proceeded to tell me how she and a few others couldn’t help but notice that I look like Reese Witherspoon.  Not the first time hearing this, I said “Oh thanks, I get that a lot.  Actually we were all talking earlier how you reminded us of Stevie Nicks.”  GREAT compliment, eh?  Uh…well she did – not her looks of course, just her hair & flowy dress.  She acted like she was either surprised of this or didn’t really get it.  Oh boy…turns out I’m awkward AND classy.

Weekend Recovery = Caramel Brownies

Oh my…

As of 9:30 this morning I’d already written 5 things on my hand, eaten 2 gooey caramel brownies, and spent longer than I had wanted to on the phone with AT&T to switch over my account to my new apartment.  Sadly, it’s not really lined up to be a crazy day.  I feel like I need another weekend to recover from my weekend.  Worst way to start out a work week.

Yesterday (aka Sunday Runday), I skipped my workout.  I neverrrrr miss my Sunday workout – it’s like my “church”.  However, I was just too sore and tired from moving nearly all of my belongings the day before to my new apartment.  Plus, with my senior citizen back still being a little iffy, I was afraid of over-doing it.  I’ll admit…I gave it a good faith effort.  I set my alarm and gave an honest assessment as it went off at 7am.  I’m doing better about listening to my body instead of insisting I get in my weekly workouts.  So today, my 4am alarm went off and I obediently went to the gym, ran 2 1/2 miles (up 1/2 mile, people!!) pedaled my little booty away on the bike and nuked my quads during my leg-designated workout.  Whew!  I needed to burn off all the homemade chili, Special K Chocolate Delight cereal, and 2 helpings of Edy’s low sugar triple chocolate ice cream… whatever.  Apparently Kellogg’s does not think filling the box with enough chocolate chunks for each bite of cereal is necessary.  I happen to disagree.

Cereal just tastes better from a cup...no? Ok fine, maybe not...but it does help with portion control...except when you eat half the box in little cup increments.

Breakfast consisted of my 2 huge cups of hazelnut coffee, 1 whole wheat English muffin topped w/peanut butter & apple butter, and brown cow strawberry Greek yogurt w/ 1 tbsp of flaxseeds.  Yum!  Those 2 caramel brownies I had don’t count toward any meal…I like to call it a phantom meal…I don’t count it toward my daily calories since apparently my mental/emotional state needed those brownies immediately or it would cease to function.  Besides, I needed them to get me through my long day:  I’m interviewing the Homecoming King candidates until 7pm tonight, followed by a riveting rec league volleyball game.  No one’s gotten hurt yet, and I’m long overdue for someone to punch me, collide into me, or bite me.  Yes, someone bit me last season.  We’re pretty hard core (OBVIOUSLY).

Happiness = this time next week I will be reunited with my belongings in my newwww apartment.

Sadness = not being able to find my insanely-dated ipod…luckily I’m not as ipod dependent during my workouts as I used to be, but it’d be a much less anxiety-filled day if I could find this expensive purchase.


Awkward moment = My bladder woke me up around midnight last night…and, let’s just say my upstairs neighbor is a “cough puker”.  I had a “hands up on my head, rocking back & forth, ‘Hot water burn baby'” moment as I was trying to fall back asleep.  Lost?  Check out Rain Man.

Crabtastic Pick-Me-Up

One word describes today:  Crabtastic.

It started off with a shift in my routine.  I had to present to a Speech Communication class about service-learning at 8am.  I didn’t mind doing so, I just had to get to work a little earlier than usual.  This isn’t a big deal to me, but college students sitting in an 8am class hate anything that breathes at 8am.  And I’m pretty sure they hate their lives too based on their lack of response.  I’m the type of speaker that hones in on someone that I can “feed” off of for energy during presentations.  I couldn’t find ANYONE.  Even the only student that actually spoke up when I asked questions (to get everyone involved, of course) was less than enthusiastic about life.  Oh college students…most days I love you and defend you.  Other days you make me hate my job and I wish to strangle you.

I actually enjoy public speaking, particularly if the topic pertains to a passion of mine.  HOWEVER, the professor failed to provide me details that the students already had their service-learning projects set up…so, uh…why did you need me to come to class…at 8am…?  When I asked them how many hours they had to fulfill, they had NO IDEA!!!!  Their response: “uh, I dunno…enough to give a presentation about it.”  Wow…your professor is awesomely organized.  Plus, there were cell phones that were apparently more interesting than my presentation and I had the opportunity to make the students feel more awkward than they were making me feel (how dare them).  That was the only fun part of the presentation.

I told myself not to get a $1 refill from Kaldi’s today…I really shouldn’t consume caffeine, I wasn’t tired, and I already had 2 large cups of (decaf) coffee this morning before work.  BUT it’s cold, foggy/cloudy, my office is chilly, and I’m crabby.  Hello, pick-me-up!  Don’t judge.  There are worse things I could consume to emotionally enhance my day…At least I didn’t buy a cheesecake brownie…Besides, it’s “pumpkin spice coffee day” at Kaldi’s.  Add a little skim milk, cinnamon, & nutmeg…Yum!   I’m just not looking forward to all the trips to the bathroom once the caffeine stimulates my bladder.  Still worth it?  Oh yeah.

What’s for lunch?  I have a hodge podge of things:  turkey pepperoni, sweet potato, 1 apple, pretzels, 1 tbsp of peanut butter…  The fact that I don’t have a totally awesome lunch to look forward to makes me crabby too.  Lord, help anyone that crosses my path today.

Sorry I didn’t provide any other awkward stories aside from the class presentation.  Too crabby to think of all the awkward stories.  Meh…

Autumn Toilet Water

Today is great because:

  1. It’s Thursday – so tomorrow is Friday (yippee!)
  2. I don’t have ANY meetings today!  I better not say that too loudly or one may pop up.
  3. I sign my lease tomorrow! GAH! So excited!
  4. FANTABULOUS tv shows are back on tonight.  Thursday is the best night for TV. Hands down.  I’m convinced it’s the networks’ way of treating everyone for making it through the week.
  5. A gym “friend” asked me to do Hot Yoga with her.  Aw 🙂  Had she asked me in July when we had 20-straight days of 100+ degree weather, I would have politely declined.
  6. Mini cheesecake brownie bites (FREE!) at Kaldi’s this morning.  It did my heart good to share the news with my coworkers and watch them race down the hall.
  7. My old-person’s back finally feels healed – just in time to lift some heavy boxes this Saturday!
  8. NO voicemails waiting for me this morning
  9. Today is the first day of FALL!!!!  Best time of year ever – no other season promotes the amount of giddiness I feel when I think of Fall!

What? No #10, you say?  I wanted to be original.

Awkward Moment for Thursday:  Partaking in my typical “getting ready for work” routine in the bathroom.  Hearing my upstairs teenage “neighb” stirring from those oh-so-glorious teenage hours of slumber (My teenage years were my deepest sleep years.  I miss them).  He walks into the bathroom (directly above me).  And, yes.  I hear him urinating.  No, I don’t just hear the toilet seat slam up (at least he puts the seat down…bless his heart), I hear his urine hitting the toilet water.  OMG.  Then he politely slams the toilet seat back down (at 6:20am – he was a little early this morning) and flushes.  I know you’re all jealous.  I would be too.  I love hearing strangers intimate bodily functions…especially from men.  GAH!

Awkward Moment for Thursday, part II:  The gym “friend” that asked me to do Hot Yoga with her?  I couldn’t tell you her name for anything.  I see her nearly everyday. I know her workout schedule/routine.  I know where she’s pursuing her PhD. I’ve even spotted her car on a random Saturday while I was riding along the trails.  If we happen to show up at Hot Yoga I’ll just have to say “HEEEY….you!”  Hopefully she doesn’t find me on Facebook…

Birthdays & Peeping Toms

Firstly, a very happy birthday to my BFF…the only person who (not that…only proper grammar here) reads this blog!  What a good BFF she is, too! 🙂

Any-hoosier…my alarm gently woke me up at 3:45 this morning telling me to get my butt to the gym.  Since I’m on an every other night sleep schedule (one night I sleep like a rock, the next night I barely sleep), this happened to be the night that I could have slept for another 7 hours.  (I’ll let you count back 7 hours from 3:45am…)  Yes, I fell asleep before 9pm.  I tried to stay awake for Parenthood, but I don’t even recall Biggest Loser ending.  Sheesh…  Once I got to the gym, I seriously considered getting back in my car, driving home, and crawling back into bed.  But no, I persevered, powered it out on the treadmill, and ran my first 2 solid/consistent miles since February when my 3rd metatarsal betrayed me.  HUGE success!  YAY feet!

Speaking of the gym, I am led to another awkward moment.  Picture a shorter-than-average guy in his late 40s/early 50s with salt & pepper hair, wearing an old school Adidas soccer jersey that’s got a few snags in it (I’d post a picture, but I couldn’t find one that ugly).  He has a staring problem.  I’m sure he doesn’t just stare at me (I’m really not trying to flatter myself), but it totally creeps me out.  So I’m using the Roman Chair for a little ab workout and as he walks right past me, I follow his eyes and I watch them point right up my shorts!!!!!  What The Face?!?! (WTF…get it?).  This continues to be awkward when I saw him on the bike/running trail several weeks later (no where near the gym). I’m hoping  my awesome bike helmet disguised my identity because he probably would have tried to look down my tank top.  Awkward, creepy, NOT classy.

I Love You Like a Fat Kid Loves…Peanut Butter…?

Awkward moment of the day:  It wasn’t even 8am and I had already encountered an awkward moment…I kept smelling peanut butter on my way to work.  I realized this couldn’t be a good situation…Where was it?! On my hand?! On my face?! In my hair?! On my shirt?!.  Fortunately it was NOT in my hair, but on my hand, leftover from this morning’s breakfast.  What makes this so awkward is my fat-kid obsession with peanut butter and the sad confession that this is the 2nd time this has happened in the last 2 weeks.  Perhaps I need to work to better contain myself with my morning peanut butter breakfast…Although, the combination of egg whites, 2 kinds of jelly, 1 whole wheat English muffin, and an entire tablespoon of peanut butter is cause for celebration.  Oh shut up…you know you find little things to make your mornings worthwhile…

I met up with a few friends this weekend to celebrate a close friend’s birthday.  I showed up a little early to give her dad a gift for providing me with some much-needed legal advice regarding my “lease flee”.  After I handed him the card, and after many “Oh you didn’t have to do this” and “Oh yes, I did” came the hilariously awkward moment of physical and mental hesitation and…”Should I open this now…?”   HAA!

Which leads me to my awkward topic of the day:  Isn’t the act of giving/receiving gifts so strangely awkward?  Not only is it awkward to open a gift in front of the person that gave it to you for fear of the following possible scenarios:

  1. under/overreaction (ability to hide facial expressions)
  2. not knowing what the gift even is
  3. feeling guilty if the person spent too much (or bitter if it’s from the dollar aisle at Target)
  4. your response after you’ve processed the gift.  To hug or not to hug?
  5. How many times do you say “thank you” before everyone thinks…”ok…that’s enough…moving on…”

Similarly, the act of gift giving is just as awkward.  Even when I know I’m giving someone a totally stellar gift, I hate watching them unwrap the gift, watching their facial reaction (they may not think it’s as stellar as you thought they would…total bummer) or they just may not have made over it like you thought they would with the “OMG thank you SO much!”, “This is such a great gift!”, and “I feel bad, I didn’t get you anything!”…

GAH!  When did gift giving/receiving become so awkward?  Or is it just awkward because I’m awkward and surround myself with similarly awkward people?  Mystery of life…

And let’s not even get into family birthdays/Christmases when you have to watch each person individually unwrap the gift.  Torture.  My mom’s family doesn’t pay attention to anyone as they open gifts.  But now that I think about it, even THAT is awkward…

More peanut butter excitement:  Pumpkin banana oatmeal for lunch, with a side of Jif’s Natural Peanut Butter (of course!).  Do they have a 12 steps program for people addicted to peanut butter?

Oh Friday, I love you.

Oh dear…yesterday was, hands down, the least productive day of my life.  I didn’t do anything at work aside from attend meetings, one of which I’m convinced I fell asleep in 3 times (you know those long blinks when you’re tired feel like your asleep but outsiders probably just assume it’s a long blink, but the whole time your brain is saying “OMG, you need to open your eyes or you’re going to embarass yourself…”).  Yeah…it was that kind of a day.  My delicious $1 coffee from Kaldi’s didn’t even help.  In fact, I’m convinced it made the situation worse in it’s awesomely comforting aroma & taste.  Fortunately, I took a great couch nap when I got home and was zombified until around 9pm when I did more packing for the move.  My living room looks like a bunker of boxes (NOT sitting on the floor, but on the coffee table, end tables, and on top of Rubbermaid totes).

Exciting life, eh?

Speaking of coffee…I typically try to stay away from caffeine since my body doesn’t seem to enjoy it as much as I think it should.  So if you ever see me gulping down a delicious Diet Pepsi, tea, or non-decaf coffee, you’ll know I’m desperate for a jolt.  The past few days have been a pure test on my nerves and sleep habits so I’ve been practically administering a continuous IV of coffee or tea.  Needless to say, my heart feels like it will give out at any minute.  Better get used to it…the next few weeks look a little intense.  Hopefully my body can hold out!

On a brighter note…all the fabulous TV shows come back on in the next week or 2.  I would know because I mark my TV shows in my planner each time it’s a new episode.  I know, I know…I’m cool.  That’s what you were going to say right?  Hmm…

Awkward moment of the day:  I was walking across the quad (I do love college campuses in the fall).  A nice gentleman informed me that I had dropped something from the package I was carrying.  It happened to be a sticky note.  So naturally I said: “Oh thanks so much!  Post-its just aren’t as sticky as they used to be!”…what…?  Did I REALLY say that?  Awkward.

Coming soon: Necessary (and obvious) Rules in Life.  One would think they’d be obvious anyway…