Whoa, Crazy

Hey, Monday!  Since I don’t know what weekends feel like any more, you’re starting to feel just like any other day.  A plus side to working at least one day on the weekends.

Workout summary from this morning: Success.  Since I kicked my own butt yesterday with some extra cardio and an “uppage” in reps and weight in my weight workout, I went a little lighter this morning.  Literally on the “kicking my own butt”.  My glutes are crazy sore.

  • 30 minutes on the bike (Hill intervals on level 3…nice and easy)
  • Arm stuff: dips, pull downs, rows, curls, etc.
  • 90 ab twists with a 12-lb ball
  • 100 kettle bell swings
  • 15 minutes on the elliptical (more intervals)

I know you’re excited.  I was starving after the workout.  Apparently I divvied up my Clif Bar by less than my normal half-bar amount pre-workout.  I had my traditional egg white sandwich for breakfast (2 pieces of whole wheat toast, 1 egg white, jelly, thin layer of almond butter). YUM!

The craziness hit the fan at work today.  It was a good, busy crazy.  I’ll take that over “everything’s going wrong” crazy any day.

Dinner tonight was a quick “throw it all together” night.  I defrosted some chicken, threw in some balsamic vinaigrette, minced garlic, and dried thyme and let it all hang out together for about 45 minutes.  I should have done this in the morning, but who is honestly craving dinner during breakfast?  And if you are, you still have 9 hours to hold on to that craving.  Just sayin’.   Warmed up some whole wheat couscous and veggies and THAT’S a meal, folks.

I pretty much scarfed down dinner just so I could eat triple chocolate ice cream with crushed pretzels and powdered peanut butter.  Whatever, you know you only eat dinner so you can have dessert, too.

The moment has arrived, as promised, for my AWKWARD moments from my 1-night stay with strangers…

  1. Since I knew I’d be out late with the Cards game and I had to be up early to workout, I had to ask around to see who one of my roommates was.  I didn’t want to stumble in and stumble out with everyone already asleep.  I found one of my roommates and informed her.  This is just awkward in and of itself.
  2. When I ran back into the hotel to watch the last inning, I heard chatty voices in my room.  Because I’m weird, I ran downstairs to see if the game was on in the lobby bar.  It was a “fancy” bar, so no TV.  SO I ran BACK upstairs to bust in and say “CHANGE THE CHANNEL TO THE GAME!!!!”
  3. One of my roommates was a Cubs fan.  Double-boo.
  4. I shared a bed (smaller than a queen-size…) with said Cubs fan…who also looked, acted, and sounded like one of my friend’s moms.  This part was hilarious.  The sharing the bed with a stranger part…? Not so much.
  5. At one point in the night our backsides slightly touched…
  6. At 2 other points in the night our feet touched…
  7. We both were hanging on to our own sides for dear life!  I could tell we were both trying so hard not to turn over or move a lot throughout the night.  This made my senior citizen bod feel a little sore the next morning.

Anyone I’ve told about “sleeping with a stranger” has turned their nose up in disgust.  It was odd, yes, but in my “bed mate’s” defense, she was a good sport and was very sweet.  (I just said that in case she finds this blog and reads this post…)

Sweet Home, St. Louis!!

Ah, it’s good to be home from my quick jaunt up to Chicago for a civic reflection training for work.

In case any one missed Game 6 of the World Series…the good ol’ BIRDS pulled out an amazing come-back.  Don’t feel bad if you missed it.  I got so angry with the way the game was headed I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1).  I believe I fell asleep before the game was over.  I spent the night at my parents’ since they live seconds from the train station.  Good thing I packed my CARDS jersey!  I wore it all day Friday: on the train up, during my professional meetings (no shame), and during my “night on the town”.  Cardinals player represented on the back?  So Taguchi.  He is “small, but mighty”, just like me!

Oh, just a picture of me wearing my Cards jersey on the train up to Chicago.

After my meetings Friday night, I met up with a True SLU Friend for a great few hours of good food, beer, conversation, and baseball-watchin’.  She’s a cubs fan, but she graciously allowed me to sit facing the TVs at the DMK Burger Bar.  The food was AH-mazing!  We both had the Holy Guac-Aoili Burger: guacamole (duh), chorizo, Sonoma jack cheese, chipotle aioli, cilantro, and onions.  I opted out on the cilantro and onions.  The onions would kill me and the cilantro would make my burger taste like dish soap

One of the best parts of my Chicago trip included riding the ‘L” for the first time.  I felt like I was on ER while I was waiting for the train.  It was so exciting!  A big shout out to my dear friend Laura for driving all the way downtown to hang with me 🙂

Waiting on the platform with a view of DMK Burger Bar in the background...

The other GREAT part of my trip was watching the St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series!  Happy Flight, Torty, Rally Squirrel, and #11 in ’11 made for one of the most memorable play-off series.  So proud to be a part of Cardinal Nation!  I got back from dinner just in time to see the Cards knock out the last 2 outs in the top of the 9th. WOO!  It was bitter sweet for me since I wanted to be back in St. Louis to experience the awesomeness of it all.  The win was definitely lack-luster and a little bittersweet 5-hours north.

Baseball Heaven 🙂

Saturday continued with a wake-up call for the gym at the hotel.  When I got down to the fitness center, they wanted me to pay a $10 fee to “use the facilities”.   Seriously…?  Thoughts going through my mind:

  • I pay twice that amount for 4 weeks at my gym (approx 16-20 workouts for $20)
  • I wasn’t even planning on having a stellar workout – just a quick cardio, maybe some squats & lunges session
  • …$10?!  That’s practically a week’s worth of lunches for me!
  • Who in their right mind would pay $10 to WORKOUT?!  I’d pay $10 for a lot of things, but not for a single work-out session.
  • I just realized I won’t pay $10 for a 1-hr workout, but I have and will pay $70+ for a race…which is a super long and fun workout where I get a sweet medal and typically a sweet “free” t-shirt…Oh well…

So no workout in Chicago, but a great Day 2 of great reflecting and discussions.

Day 2 was ended with a dinner stop at Corner Bakery: my favorite Chicago food destination.  My order?  California Grille Panini:  Harvest bread, grilled zucchini, artichoke hearts, roasted tomatoes, pesto, fresh spinach, & provolone.  Good golly, Miss Molly.  It was GOOD!  Dessert= a handful of Garrett’s Chicago Mix.  My trip to Chicago was then considered complete.

Coming up tomorrow:  A huge list of AWKWAARDDDD moments from the 2-day trip.  Get excited! 🙂


Workout week round-up: 4 successful workouts.  Much better compared to recent weeks were I could barely convince myself to get out of bed.  Very untypical of me.  That just goes to show you that you should ALWAYS listen to your body.  For some reason I needed more physical or mental rest the last few weeks.

I peddled my little booty off on the bike today.  I was almost finished when I decided to add 5 more minutes to my workout.  I could have gone for a full hour, but I still had some weights and ab workouts to finish before I had to race home to shower, throw in a load of laundry, eat, and semi-pack for Chicago.

I made ANOTHER batch of Nutella granola last night (big thanks to http://www.pbfingers.com!)   I just can’t get enough.  This time I chopped up some almonds for a little protein.  It was an excellent addition.  It reminds me of the yummy cinnamon almond clusters they make at the mall.  So tasty!

Remember my post about the creepy Snickers lady commercial?  Well I found a “creepy Snickers lady” coat at Goodwill while searching for Weird Al accessories.  I actually am planning to see how much it costs tonight after work and keep it on reserve for one random Halloween.  THAT would be awesome…and creepy.  

Tomorrow and Saturday I will be in Chicago for a work-related conference.  I’m excited to meet up with a friend from college, but I’m bummed about the trip for several reasons:

  1. My train doesn’t get back until 11:30pm Saturday.  Ugh!
  2. It’s a whirlwind trip.  We leave tomorrow at 7:30am, our meetings start only an hour or two after we arrive and won’t conclude until 7pm, then we go again from 9am-3pm on Saturday only to catch our train immediately after.  Another “Ugh!”.
  3. I have to share a hotel room with 3 other random women attending the conference from other universities.  How awkward…Not looking forward to sharing a bed with a stranger, or waking them up when I get up at 6am to work out, OR praying they are both out of the bathroom when I get back from working out so I can wash the “stank” off of me!  Make that three “Ughs!”
  4. No time for shopping.  Sad, I know.
  5. If my Cardinals win tonight, I will have to watch the World Series finale in Chicaaaago.  The worst of all!

I need to remember to pack my Cards jersey…win or lose!

I’m sure I’ll have plenty of Awkward Moments after my 1-night stay with random strangers.  Dreading, dreading, dreading (this is one of my favorite lines from Julie & Julia.  Great movie!)

Oh, feet.

Great morning workout this morning.  I increased the “level” on the stationary bike by 1 and, boy, could I tell a difference.  On top of that, I only did 30 minutes vs. 40 or 45 minutes.  My legs were tanked.  Not a good way to start a “leg workout day” when I still had tons of squats and lunges to do.  But I prevailed.  My legs were jello by the time I hit the treadmill for a 1-mile run.  Can’t say I’ve ever had my legs feel like jello while running.  I’ve definitely had “lead legs”, but never jello legs.  1st time for everything, eh?

I had a successful podiatrist appointment yesterday.  My foot had started to feel achy again so I made an appointment just to make sure I didn’t “re-fracture” or prevent it from even healing in the first place.  I tend to get impatient and overzealous in my workouts.  Shocking, I know.  But, according to the x-ray,  it’s HEALED (WOOO!).  It’s  just a little bit crabby with me.  So we set a new goal of being 100% by March (the 1-year mark) and pain-free by December.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  Spring time will consist of some 5K and 10K races.  New marathon goal: St. Louis Rock & Roll Marathon in October.  *sigh*…there goes ANOTHER Illinois Marathon in magical Champaign-Urbana.  Oh well.  There’s always next, next year.

Evidence of a 3rd metatarsal stress fracture. This isn't my foot. Mine didn't show up on the x-ray in March, but surely would have shown up now if it were still fractured. Yay 🙂

Ok, ok.  Enough obsessing over my feet.

Awkward Moment:  While waiting in the podiatrist’s office, an elderly man was taking a little catnap AND snoring while waiting for his wife to get her orthopedics.  Not going to lie, I was jealous for several reasons:

  1. I really could have used a nap yesterday around my appointment time (3pm = prime napping)
  2. His age made his nap in public completely acceptable and humorous.
  3. His ability to nap just about anywhere, and in any position, is impressive.

Ok, so this wasn’t exactly AWKWARD.  But I had to share.

My next awkward moment came about when I realized how dirty and smelly my feet were from my work shoes and tennis shoes.  I swapped my cheap Target flats for my retired running shoes so I wouldn’t get yelled at for wearing bad shoes.  I really do need to invest in some cute Naturalizers.  There goes $70.  Anyway, I was tempted to wash them with some of the smell-good soap they had on the sink in my exam room.  But wouldn’t it be MORE awkward to have my feet smell of fresh Strawberry Kiwi hand soap than naturally smelly feet?  Instead, I simply wiped away the gunk from the bottom of my feet and in-between my toes.  Sexy, no?

Bye Week Win, Cardinals Loss

Bye Week successfully dominated our opponents last night.  We beat them in two but tried to skip the Courtesy 3rd Game so we could all get home for the World Series.  Apparently shouting “WORLD SERIES!” and “FORFEIT!” meant nothing to the refs, our captain, or the other team.  Some Cards fans THEY are.  Sheesh.

I’m going back to my passive baseball-watching.  They did fine when I popped in my ear plugs and watched Mad Men on Netflix.  Once I start watching, they lose and my blood pressure sky-rockets.  Time to change the strategy, I’d say.

Sunday night & last night before bed I made a batch of Nutella Granola.  It’s pretty simple & keeps me full FOR-E-VERR:

  • 2 1/2 tbsp Nutella
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1/4 cup chocolate cups (if desired)

Combine honey & Nutella, microwave for about 25 seconds.  Stir in oats.  Bake for 20 minutes, flip granola half-way through so it doesn’t burn (like my 2nd batch did…).  Honestly, the toughest part is trying to get the Nutella from the measuring spoon neatly into the bowl.  Not easy.

Nutella Granola

It was delicious and it makes a great after-lunch dessert instead of reaching for that mini-sized candy bar.  Aside from the ingredients in the Nutella (which is pretty basic in itself), I love that it has minimal ingredients.  Have you ever tried to pronounce some of the ingredients they put in granola and other protein bars?  Aside from the other diet restrictions I’ve placed on myself for health & fitness reasons, I try to buy foods that have a minimal amount of ingredients (and pronounce-able ingredients, mind you).

A little of the granola goes a long way.  It is pretty high in sugar but the fiber in the oats makes it worth it 🙂

Weekend Round Up

This weekend was busy, but successful.  Far from boring.

On Saturday, I ran into work in my PJs at 7am to unlock a storage closet for a group of students volunteering that morning.  What fun.  Then I went with my mom & her friend to a craft fair at Triad.  It was there I discovered that Pinterest is ruining me.  Instead of thinking “WOW! I need to buy that!” I said “Psh…I could make that.  Easy-peasy.”  So nothing was purchased.  My bank account is thankful, although I had the urge this weekend to indulge in some retail therapy.  I even came up empty-handed at Kohl’s on Friday night.  Which isn’t all that surprising since I never find anything (personal or home-related) at Kohl’s that I want.

Saturday was wrapped up with a baseball game worth watching and omelets for dinner:

After much anxiety, a perfect flip on the 2nd try!Delicious! AND healthy.


Omelets included: 1 egg, 2 egg-beater eggs, black forest ham, mozzarella, onions, green peppers, & spinach.  It was so tasty and filling!  The first omelet wasn’t AS successful as mine, but I blame the temperature of the pan and my anxiety of perfection.  I couldn’t have done it without Teflon.  Apparently the FDA is banning Teflon by the year 2013 or something…I’ll have to re-teach myself how to cook without it.  Unfortunate.

Sunday was spent with a super early morning workout so we could head to the Rock & Roll Marathon in St. Louis to cheer on some friends.  Not a good day for me emotionally since my foot pain is back (grumble, grumble) and I desperately wanted to be out there.  This race was actually supposed to be my “come-back” race after my stress fracture.  The darn thing was supposed to be healed by June so I could start training.  Wah-wah.  The rest of the day was spent on the couch with nearly 7 episodes of Mad Men.  Yikes!  This was my view for part of the afternoon:

He was people-watching the neighbors across the lake and watching the leaves blow by. So adorable.

Last night’s dinner consisted of “pizza pasta”, a cheaper & healthier take on Fazoli’s Pizza Baked Pasta.  Whole wheat pasta, sauteed onions, garlic, peppers, and spinach, topped/mixed with sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.  Next time, we’ll add black olives.  We also were inspired to make similar pasta bake dishes: Greek pasta and Mexican pasta.  So easy, healthy, and yummy!

On my way home last night I was lucky enough to hit a dead skunk.  Now there are 2 cars driving around Edwardsville that have been skunkified.  My options were:  1) Swerve into on-coming traffic to avoid dead skunk; 2) Swerve into car driving next to me to avoid dead skunk; or 3) Hold on tight and hit dead skunk.  Ugh.  It only took a few minutes before my car reeked of “skunk juice” and my car has been shamed to parking outside until it goes away.  Fortunately, the smell isn’t too bad on the inside.  I just feel bad for anyone that has to park along the right-side of my car.  Stupid skunk population in Edwardsville.

Awkward Moment:  I went home one night last week for my neighbor’s visitation.  I lived in my “childhood home” until the day I moved into my own place at 24 (except for those 4 years in college, of course), and this neighbor had lived in his house even longer.  This neighbor and his wife watched me grow up and always sent me a card for my birthday, Easter, Halloween, etc.  Very sweet.   My neighbor’s wife hadn’t seen me in a while so she greeted me with a hug and the traditional “How are you?!”…My response: “I’m good…!”  The hesitation came when my mind thought “Do NOT ask “How are you?” in return!!!  What’s she going to say?! ‘Great, considering the circumstances’?”  Ugh…so it was an awkward moment of conversation that ended abruptly.  Funerals and visitations are just. so. awkward.

Secret Weapon

I managed to work out this morning despite staying up “late” for the Cards game (That’s a winner!).  Workout line-up for today:

  • 20 min. Elliptical
  • Incline sit-ups w/10-lb. weight (5 sets of 15 reps)
  • Arm/weight exercises that I don’t feel like listing w/the reps/sets/weights, etc.
  • 2.5-mile run
  • 3 planks held for 1 minute each
  • Some other weird core-building pilates movement held for 50-counts each
  • ball crunches (lots)

Best part of the workout?  Need you even ask?!  My 2.5-mile run of course.  I really wanted to run 3 miles, but compromised and only ran 2.5 since I ran 4 miles on Tuesday and didn’t want to overdo it.  That additional 1/2 mile might have made my foot angry – we may never know.  I hit my “I FEEL GREATTTT” moment around mile 1.53 (to be exact).  My secret weapon to a great run?  Ok, 5 secret weapons:

  1. Glee Soundtrack version of “Like a Prayer”
  2. “Footloose”
  3. Mirrors – to help ensure I’m maintaining proper form.  Try this.  It seriously helps.  I mostly am looking at my feet placement so I lessen my “heel-striking” tendencies and to make sure I don’t under/over-pronate.  It also helps with “trunk placement”.
  4. Thumbs up.  Keeps the arms & upper body relaxed so you can actually enjoy the run.
  5. Lack of sleep.  Apparently I run better when I haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep.  Weird?  Maybe the over-production of adrenaline my body is desperately clinging to for basic functioning purposes is the ticket.

Now I am struggling to keep warm since my place of employment insists of having the AC on.  Yesterday I wore 2 fleeces and was still cold.  Today I ditched the other fleece so people wouldn’t think I wear clothing multiple times before washing it (which I do, but they don’t have to know that).  Don’t worry, I only wear my underwear once before it goes in the laundry 🙂

Seriously though.  It’s freeeeezing in our offices.  My “changing colors cup” – you know, the kind that turns red when a cold beverage is in it – is red.  CARDINAL RED, that is!

Awkward moment – The Gideon bible (little green bibles that are only New Testament) people are on-campus today.  As I’m walking in to my building, one of the gentlemen walked 1/4 of the way across the Quad to intercept.  I didn’t even make eye-contact with him to initiate this interception.  This wasn’t just your typical “reach out and hand someone a bible”.  It was a serious “go out of your way to hand out” situation.  It didn’t help that I was only 1 of 3 people walking in the Quad.  I recycled it once I got inside.  This is probably considered blasphemy by everyone but me, but I don’t need another little green New Testament.  I’ve gotten one each semester during my undergrad & grad years (so that’s 12 little bibles) PLUS today’s run-in.

No, I don’t still have all 12 little green bibles (or any, for that matter).  Plus, I’ve got  1 Precious Moments Bible at home, my bible from high school (translated for high schooler’s vocabulary, or lack-thereof), AND my Grandpa’s ancient bible he gave me when I was born.  Pretty sure I’m set.

Happiness:  We’re celebrating “National Bosses’ Day” today with a potluck.  Apparently I’m a boss so I didn’t have to bring anything in.  Scary thought isn’t it?  I’m a boss…HA! Crazy.

Rally Squirrel

So I think there’s a rally squirrel lurking around me…

Reason for such thoughts:

  1. Bye Week volleyball came back from behind to win (closely…in each game) this week’s 9:15pm game (more grievances on the time in a minute).  Most of us were sleepy since we’re nerds and are already in our PJs by 9:15 and I was battling coughing/”Can’t breath” fits.  Go us.
  2. I woke up feeling 80% better…crazy how only 6 1/2 hours of sleep is a magical ingredient.
  3. I “rallied” against my lungs to run 4 miles this morning – Woo and/or hoo!  Truly the longest distance I’ve run since February (dun dun dun…)

My day yesterday was vegetarian aside from the few bites of chili I ate when I got home from work.  It was a Texas-style chili with cinnamon and black beans.  I added an additional can of beans because the recipe only called for 1 can.  Seriously?  1 can?  Surely you jest!

Anyway, back to the 9:15pm volleyball game…9:15?!  Are you kidding me?!  I’m LITERALLY (this word annoys me…saving this for another post) in bed by 9:15.  I may not be sleeping, but I’m watching TV and only a few minutes from dozing.  So I, of course, was sleepy and crabby and already not feeling like my normal healthy self.  In this order: Lost, Won, Won.  Of course, I didn’t want to win the 2nd game after we lost the 1st because that meant we had to play ALLLLL the way to 25 in the 3rd game (instead of a fun 15).  But I’ll take the win any day.  I played less than fabulously and was grumpy the whole time.  Sorry Bye Week…

Since I didn’t get into bed until 11pm or so (just absurd), I wasn’t sure if I would work out this morning…but I did.  And I’m glad I did.  The running (4 miles! what what?!)  helped clear out the lungs although the weights made my heart rate and lungs work over-time.  Since they’re already a tad inflamed (or a lot), my poor little cardiovascular system just couldn’t keep up.  Funny how I could have kept running, but the weights pooped me out.  Maybe my lungs are obsessed with running too…who knows?!    My muscles just weren’t getting the oxygen they needed while I was “pumping iron”.

Tonight I plan to be lazy and make some pumpkin/peanut butter oatmeal for dinner and watch endless episodes of Man Men.  Don Draper is so dreamy.

Stressful day at work for this worry-wart introvert so I’ll leave the negativity where it belongs…

AWESOME Awkward Moment:  This one needs background info, and may take a while, so please don’t snooze…

I am somewhat acquainted with one of the other volleyball teams’ players.  Since he doesn’t really talk, we’ve never spoken even though we’ve been on a Trivia Night team together and he used to be in the choir with one of my friends.   At our volleyball games, I always wear my old high school volleyball practice “jersey” – it’s just a cut-off t-shirt that says “Marquette 2003” with a weird image of a volleyball player spiking.  We happened to be playing the team of the person I am “acquainted” with (bite me on the grammar please), and as we were shaking hands in between games I SWEAR he said “Good game Explorer.”  The Explorers is my high school mascot – He also happened to attend my high school a few years before I was there.  Because he is so soft-spoken and lacks so much confidence when he speaks, I’m NOT 100% sure that he said this…but given his shy/dorky demeanor, I’m pretty sure he did.  Not that there’s anything wrong w/being shy & dorky…I am too…I’m just cooler than he is.

SO anyway…last night his team played before ours.  I’m lacin’ up my sneaks before I warm up and a volleyball comes flying in my direction.  I duck & cover and see a “Blue Crew” shirt coming my way – this shirt is only characteristic to my high school.  I  think, “Hey! Wait a minute..!” as he’s coming over to retrieve the stray ball.

Reason this is awkward – did he wear this shirt because he saw my team played after his?  This shirt came out my Jr/Sr year – well after he had attended, so he had to have gotten it years ago from his sister.  It’s not like he rightfully “earned” this tshirt by attending during the years it was worn by students…Hm…  THEN after his game, as my team was taking the court, I could tell he was hesitating to say something to me (a shy dork realizes when another shy dork is wanting to get something out)…but I avoided him, because remember: I’m cooler than he is. Kidding! Sort of…

Weekend Outcome? Success. Go Cards!

The title of this post is pretty self-explanatory.  Woo World Series!  I, sadly, watched only a few minutes of the game.  I was in bed, floating in and out of consciousness, flipping through channels haphazardly around 7:30pm.  However, every time I turned to the game, we were ahead (by at least 2 runs each time) and it truly took 1 1/2 hours just to get to the top of the 3rd.  Yikes.

World Series 2011

Do it for Torty!

Remember my ENTIRE 2 DAY weekend I was super pumped about?  I spent most of it being sick with a cold.  Oh well – at least it didn’t knock me off my feet like my last cold when I actually had to call in sick…for a cold.  It did prevent me from my Sunday workout.  Which is totally bum-worthy.

I woke up and did my “How do I feel?” assessment.  I followed the biblical scripture of Runner’s World :  If your “sickness” is above the throat, go forth and run (you lucky dog!).  If your sickness is below the throat, stay home.  *Sigh*.  Mine had definitely  moved into my chest overnight and left my lungs feeling like they were torched.  My peak flows were lower than usual, so I grumbled and stayed home.  My Sunday workouts, as I’ve mentioned before, are the equivalent of most people’s church.  It’s the one workout day that I always feel that I’ve rocked out a great workout.  So when I miss my Sunday workout, I feel like I’m just an ordinary member of society and not recharged for the week (AKA feeling less guilty about all the smores bars I ate over the weekend…). Don’t get me wrong – it was glorious to stay in my jammies, watching the news, sipping on coffee for hours.

The weekend wasn’t a total flop.  I discovered the Mediterranean Wrap at Crazy Bowls & Wraps (today’s leftover lunch), made some FABULOUS smores bars, discovered 2 of the best sandwiches I’ve ever tasted from Whole Foods, froze 2 dinners and plenty of lunches, made a delicious pot of chili, and watched more episodes of Mad Men than I knew was possible.  Overall outcome = successful weekend.

Smores bars! Fabulous!

So onward I trudge into another week…at least I have some Cards games to look forward to!

Discussion worthy:  I actually could qualify as a vegetarian.  When I stop to think about it, my breakfast and lunch usually doesn’t involve meat.  Nearly half of the time, my supper doesn’t either…Weird.  I don’t seek out to be a vegetarian, and never would be since I do enjoy meat products.  Who can pass up a pork steak or brat?  Yummmm!  Any one else that’s not a self-defined vegetarian experience this too?
In other “diet” news, I just read an article that says a little bit of candy can lead to a smaller waste line.  Eating a small amount of sweets each day prevents the binging that occurs when you cut yourself off from the deliciousness.  I couldn’t agree more…although I don’t binge on candy, I will binge on sweet treats.

Not many awkward moments from this weekend to share.  Sorry to fail the “awkward” theme.

Creepy Snickers Ad

It’s baaaaaaack….Yes, the horribly creepy Snickers ad is back for the Halloween candy season.  Never seen it?  “Let me help you” (GAH! even picturing the creepy lady say that creeps me out!):

Oh my goodness.  It makes me want to hide my eyes.

Guess what?!  I have 2 whole days to my weekend.  WHAT?! Crazy.  Let me explain.  My job requires me to work a few Saturdays for a few hours with the volunteer projects.  Please know I am NOT complaining about that.  I love it.  What I don’t love is the feeling/fact that I don’t get a full 48-hour weekend.  Sure, I get to come in late (by 10 or 10:30) the following Monday, but it’s not even close to having a full 2-day weekend.  I know I’ve mentioned previously that I haven’t had a full weekend since July. And I haven’t.  Soooo I’m pretty excited, to say the least.

Rant/Awkward Moment: (This was an awkward moment mostly because I didn’t know how to respond quickly to make my point & raise awareness w/o offending this student or making them feel awkward.  Weird how I sacrifice my own feelings/awkwardness so others don’t have to feel that way…)

I was meeting with a non-traditional student and he/she was discussing their weight issues after an unforeseen job loss.  This student then went on to say “Well, I bet you can eat whatever you want and not worry about a thing.”  Um, wrong.  This is a big pet peeve of mine.  Granted, this student meant no harm when saying this, “but I’m just sayin”…Mostly because I DO have to watch what I eat, I DO have to workout to maintain my weight/fitness levels, and I DO worry about my weight just like anyone else.  Eating 4 slices of pizza on Friday night will go straight to my hips and make me feel awful (both physically and psychologically) just like someone trying to lose weight.  Eating a cookie after lunch means I don’t get dessert after dinner.  Eating poorly for lunch means I eat cereal or yogurt for dinner.  I don’t get up at 4am to work out because it’s “fun”.  What’s “fun” is the immunity boost, the endorphins, the noticeable results, and the cyclical “health” benefits that come from it.  So there.  Ok, I’m down from my soapbox now…Life can go on.

I’m sure others can relate with things like this, not necessarily weight-related.  Things that people think come naturally to you, when you really have to work at it just like everyone else… Seriously people.  A little sensitivity here & there would be great.

Happy freakin’ Friday all…   Woo!!