“Revoking” Week/Elimination Diet Update

To recap Week #6 aka “Revoking” Week (I had to revoke eggs, peanut butter, almond butter, & milk) since the unfortunate eczema outbreak: The eczema slowly subsided this week, leaving only scars where those darn itchy bumps once lived. I still have 1 or 2 tiny bumps trying to ruin my fun but they certainly aren’t having much luck like their predecessors. So, this is good news, right?  Sort of. I’m ecstatic to be done with the maddening itching on my hands, elbow, and in between my toes (seriously, this location almost drove me mad). However, based on my little unofficial science experiment, that means 1 of the 3 foods (probably not milk since the eczema had well started by the time I added it) are causing allergy or intolerance inflammation.

Weird, since I never experienced this symptom before (my entire life!) when eating these delicious foods.  But after 3 weeks of an allergy-free diet, the allergens & histamines in my body vanished. It’s quite possible I’d been dealing with a very mild allergy for years but my body never got a break from this allergen (whatever it is) so it was in chronic inflammation/”fighting mode”.  With a 3-week vacation and suddenly being introduced to said allergen again, my body said “oh, hell no, not YOU again”. So, in 2 weeks (remember, 21 days to rid your body of allergens/histamines) we’ll determine who the culprit is. *sigh*

Ok, moving on…since Week 6 was an impromptu “Base Diet” week with only the new additions of tea & buffalo, it was a pretty quiet & uneventful week.  Yesterday (TMI – can’t say I didn’t warn you) I had some tummy issues that left me eating rice with salt & chicken. My digestive system is still a little shaky today so I’m planning to wait 1 more day before adding hummus (trying desperately to sneak in more protein varieties). Potatoes will likely be added on Friday.

Oh, and today is my last vacation day before weekends cease to exist.  Less than 2 weeks until August 1…I’m sure my Student Affairs & Educator friends are feeling it! Ready or not…

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