Just Kidding, Negative Ghost Writer, Nope…

That whole “Yay for eggs, peanut butter, & almond butter!” thing?  Forget I said that.  It didn’t happen. All 3 are off the table temporarily, again.  Sigh. Boo-hoo. Wtf. 

But seriously. WTF?!  The eczema (looks like nettle stings: I don’t have pictures, not because it looks gross but because it’s VERY difficult to see…the bumps are the color of my skin) I seem to be experiencing on my left elbow, and parts of my hands & fingers can be caused as a reaction to a food allergy or intolerance to eggs, peanuts, and/or milk.  I will preface that this so-called eczema was not diagnosed by a doctor.  Unfortunately, it’s been self-diagnosed with the help of my mad Googling skills and my degree-certified nutritionist (whom I trust more than doctors).  Because the initial occurrence on my elbow seemed like a little insect bite, I can’t exactly recall the date of onset or if it started with eggs or the nut butters.  The fact that it’s “spreading” to my hands indicates an inflammatory response that’s not responding to any OTC anti-itch creams for 2+ weeks. I’m really glad I have a good sense of humor because I am still managing to laugh about the freak-of-nature body I have that likes to do things the complicated way.  (Seriously, I was a breech baby…I like to make things difficult).

As recommended by my nutritionist, I’ve added apple cider vinegar to my diet (I pretend I’m drinking a hard cider on the beach and it’s not so bad) and dab the vinegar onto the affected skin. Yes, I’m the one reeking of fermented apples. It’s my new perfume.  

I’ve had about 6 hours to sulk, listening to Simon & Garfunkel and sad country songs.  It’s not the end of the road for eggs or nut butters…just a very sad temporary pause that might lead to permanent removal.  But for now, I have hope. 

I think I need to add wine to my diet ASAP… 🙂  



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