Elimination Diet, Week 5, Reintro Week 2

Week 5 was a big week.  Huge. Foods on the list: peanut butter & milk. Yes, I’d already added almond butter (which was lovely).  But peanut butter speaks directly to my soul.  Peanut butter & I go way back.  

The results?  Peanut butter tastes better after 4+ weeks of withdrawals than I ever remember.  It was perfect, made me feel/stay satisfied, and caused no symptoms. 

Milk on the other hand…I need to try, try again. As I’ve mentioned, I am supposed to add foods in their simplest forms. I would have loved to have had cheese, yogurt, or ice cream to reintroduce dairy, but preservatives & additives are not allowed.  I used to drink several glasses of milk a day. I loved it. I still love it, I just don’t love what it does/did to me physically & psychologically. I added milk to my morning smoothie, had a glass of milk with my afternoon snack of almond butter & crackers, and had another cup of milk in my blended frozen banana “ice cream” after supper.  Each time I consumed it, I got a headache (sinus-like) with sinus pressure behind my cheeks, eyes, & back of head.  The pressure made me feel slightly fatigued & weak, and I was more irritable (weepy, quick to anger, etc.) than I’d been for months.  Even today, 24+hours after my first serving of milk, my legs felt heavy during my run, I was easily irritated at all things, and have been exceptionally tired & emotionally fatigued all day. 

I realize many other factors could have contributed to these symptoms and, for the sanity of myself and family, I am certainly planning to try milk/dairy again in a few weeks to see if symptoms reappear.  I still have my fingers crossed.  

A recent development also seems to be a potential mild case of eczema on my left elbow and sides of some of my fingers.  This is potentially a symptom of a food sensitivity (which would be devastating since that means eggs, peanuts, or almonds/butters are culprits) but I am trying not to let my worry-wart mind get the better of me.  It’s too busy trying not to itch the skin off my elbows and fingers. ARGH! 

What’s on the list for next week?  Depending on my nutritionist’s recommendations regarding the google-diagnosed eczema, hummus (plain), potatoes, and pork might be on the menu 🙂 


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