Elimination Diet: Day 4

As I suspected, Day 4 was much easier and happier than Days 1-3.  My cravings were completely under control and/or gone. I was truly baffled by the hunger and cravings to begin with since my breakfast & lunch meals haven’t really changed.  I’m still having my protein smoothie for breakfast and rice, chicken, avocado,  spinach/lettuce, & a fruit for lunch.  It’s amazing how my poorer food choices the 3 days leading up to the elimination diet can “undo” a lot of the good food habits I’d had for so long. Another theory of my extreme hunger could include the complete reduction of sugar.  I’m not one to devour candy or desserts, but just little changes here and there (cutting out all artificial sweeteners, no after-meal peppermints, no coffee/lattes, etc.) probably sent my sugar-craving organs into a frenzy!

From what I’ve read, the first few days of the diet send your body into a detox mode.  I imagined my body going through rehab and withdrawals and my symptoms made much more sense: headache, general “icky” feeling, extreme hunger & cravings, fatigue, etc.

I haven’t worked out much this week (only a couple of 3 mile runs) but that might bring another set of challenges as I up my calorie burn and need for fats & protein for muscle repair.

I’m pretty adapted to “running on empty” since my runs occur toward the end of my daily fasts and I don’t eat before a run (unless it’s over 1 1/2 hours).   I had plenty of energy and endurance during this morning’s run but I could definitely tell I didn’t eat enough yesterday.  Combining an elimination diet with intermittent fasting AND fitness is tough…Stay tuned!


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