Inflammation, Be Gone!

I met with a nutritionist last weekend.  Which seems silly since I feel like the guru of good nutrition.  And I am.  For people who don’t have inflamed intestines.  As someone who survived on raw fruits & veggies, nuts, seeds, popcorn, and whole grains, this UC diet seems a little unfair and stupid (yes, I’m 5 years old). Cream of wheat, chicken, rice, and saltine crackers aren’t exactly included in the “diet of champions”…plus, even after eating bland, I still have been feeling crummy.  So I found someone that focuses on IBD nutrition AND athlete nutrition to balance a UC diet with my fitness levels.

The result? Hope. A light at the end of the tunnel.  The angels sang.  Ok, I’m being dramatic, but my nutritionist and I share the exact beliefs and philosophies on diet, medicine, food choices, GMOs (yuck), soy (yuck), and we have no confidence in the USDA or the FDA.  Just sharing my humble opinion.

So here’s the plan…since my poor body is just a ticking bomb of inflammation (and apparently always has been): Vitamin D (1000 IUs 5x/day), aloe vera juice, fish or flaxseed oil (which I already take), and more healthy fats.  NO MEDICINE, NO STEROIDS. Woo hoo! The catch? A 2-3 week elimination diet…which will have it’s own dedicated post soon.

Before I met with her I had discovered kombucha (fermented probiotics in tasty drink form) and intermittent fasting (IF).  Between those two things I’m already feeling LOTS better.

A little on IF…
IF isn’t as terrifying as it sounds and it’s really up to you and your schedule.  I don’t have the will power to fast for 24 hrs one day weekly, nor do I have a schedule that will allow me to relax on the couch all day while I sip herbal tea for a whole day.  So I’ve tailored it to my schedule and it’s really simple:  I have an 8-hour window to eat my daily calories and then I “fast” for 16 hours.  If you think about it, we already naturally fast for at least 8 hours when we sleep.  And most of us don’t eat RIGHT before bed or RIGHT when we wake up…so I eat breakfast around 10am at work (even if I’ve worked out that morning) and I try to eat supper by 6pm.  No bed-time snacks.  Just tea in the morning to hold me over and maybe some flavored herbal tea to curb any cravings I have before bed.  I feel 10x better with this approach.  It gives my intestinal track a chance to chill out…plus, if you’re trying to lose weight or burn fat, this is a great approach to keeping those cravings and the “need to eat” in check.  It’s a great mental training to fight 1st world hunger…for real y’all, we won’t die from feeling a little hungry.


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