Happy National Running Day!

The true comes out...

The truth comes out…

I had to share the above comic strip with you!  Special thanks to Distant Runners!  I can only run in the morning, so saying “I love running in the morning” really just means “I detest running after work or after a day’s worth of activities”.  As tired as I am at 4am, I’m even more tired after food hits my tummy and daily life sets in.  Darn my introvert ways 🙂  I always joke that it’s because my body doesn’t realize what it’s doing that early.

Speaking of running…today is NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!  I ran 4 miles this morning to celebrate 🙂  Did you get your National Running Day badge?  Get one here!  Here’s mine:


HA!  How true is that?!  I’ve had days when I think, “I just need to go for a run”, even if it’s in the middle or later part of the day (which you know, as I mention above, I DON’T like to do).  But it’s the knowledge that running fixes things.  At least it gives me the time to reflect and the endorphins I need to re-position myself on an issue or situation.  It’s my therapy session.  It’s my “church”.

Your turn:  Why do YOU run?  How did you celebrate National Running Day?



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