Workout Burnout

Wowza.  Burnout is a slight understatement.  Remember 2 weeks ago when I took a week off (COMPLETELY off!) from working out?  Last week I gradually eased into my previous workout schedule.  Seriously, I eased into it.  I didn’t jump back in at 115%.  I was kindler and gentler to my body and my mind.  I felt great.  Sore, but great.  This week I had 2 great workouts on Sunday & Tuesday.  But yesterday’s “easier” circuit training left me mentally exhausted and on the couch all day.  What’s my deal?! Could I really be suffering from a serious case of burnout?  Physical AND mental.  Mostly mental since I’ve been EASILY talking myself out of hitting the gym in the morning.  Granted, I’ve been dealing with some calf muscle tightness and shin splints that might be bringing me down just a bit.  But, really.  I’m only 1 week into my 16-week training for the Air Force Marathon in September.  I’m typically over-zealous my first few weeks of training…hmm…

Maybe I’m in a backslide of sorts.  Normally my mind would be going through some serious freak outs for missing a workout.  But my mind has been really polite to my body for the last few weeks  and has been saying weird things like “Hey! You look great!” instead of “Hm…could use a little work here and here…”.

Have any of you experienced a workout burnout like this?  This is foreign territory to me…


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