I’m a few months behind with this one, but this survey popped up on a few blogs I read and I finally felt like joining in.  I’m always a little behind with trends anyway, so this should be no different 🙂

Current Book(s): I just finished The Senator’s Wife last night.  It wasn’t an amazing book, but I breezed through it this week.

I’m still  in the middle of Slow Death by Rubber Duck.  Since it’s more scientific, it’s definitely a type of book to read a few pages at a time instead of huge chunks in one sitting.  But I still find it interesting and informative.

The book I’ll crack open tonight was recommended by (and currently being bored from) one of my graduate assistants: This Much I Know is True.
One of her tasks was to let me borrow some of her favorite books and this one came highly recommended.  Our town’s book resale/trade-in shop is reopening tomorrow.  I never thought that would make me as excited as I am!

Current Music: Aside from my running playlist, I’ve been digging my No Doubt & Maroon 5 Pandora stations.  Sometimes when I’m getting ready for work I’ll play my Dixie Chicks station.  Funny how certain locations change my music mood…

Current Guilty Pleasure:  I can’t look at these and not giggle.

Current Nail Color: Natural.  I never paint my nails.  I feel like mine are oddly shaped and I feel so awkward when they are painted.  Even if I would normally paint them, they wouldn’t be at present.  One fingernail is recovering from being chopped off while I was cubing sweet potatoes.  My toenails,  however, are painted with my favorite: Conquistadorable. Love that 🙂

Current Drink:  Water, coffee, Celestial Seasoning’s Blueberry Tea, or Panera’s Acai Berry Tea (so yum!)

Current Food: Almond butter, apple butter, and Kind bars. Can’t stop craving all 3.

Current Favorite Show:  The West Wing.  I just started the final season.  A big part of me doesn’t want it to end, but I’m dying to see how it plays out. I’m so obsessed with this show I feel like these characters are real.

Current Wishlist: Choco Peanut Butter Brownie Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

Obviously, since I’m dairy-free this will need to be consumed during a dairy-cheat-day and preferably on a long run day.  I know, you were expecting me to say “a new car” or “a Kindle”, weren’t you?  My life revolves around food, whether I can eat it or not 🙂

Current Need(s): I desperately need to clean my apartment.  I haven’t had a weekend since February where I can devote time to each room.  I don’t know how I don’t have a bug infestation.  Gross.  I also need a massage.  Now.

Current Indulgence: My $25 planner and 2 new pairs of running shoes.

Now that’s a sight for sore eyes 😉

Current Blessing:  Having a job & colleagues that I love, that challenge(s) me, that is applicable to my degree & my passions.  It feels good to have life figured out for a while. 

Current Outfit: Pajamas.  My favorite outfit ever.  A close second is any workout gear.

Current Excitement: 3 major life decisions coming into play in the next year: 2 marathons and starting a PhD program.  I’m nervous and dreading the exhaustion I know all 3 will bring, but I’m pretty excited for the challenges and feelings of accomplishment.


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