Rest, Recovery, Rejuvenate, Refresh

That’s my theme this week: rest, recover, rejuvenate.  Yep, I’m not working out at ALL this week.  You read that correctly, no need to grab your glasses.  Taking some much-needed R&R from working out.  A fitness regimen has become such a huge part of my day/life that I really feel like I’m on vacation.  I come home from work and feel like I have all the time in the world since I don’t have a crazy bedtime and when I wake up in the middle of the night for 1 of many trips to the bathroom, I easily fall back asleep because I know I don’t have to wake up for several hours (although, I have to psychologically trick myself and I’m not allowed to check the clock in the middle of the night, otherwise it’s a train-wreck of anxiety and sleep deprivation.  I learned that trick after I read The Highly Sensitive Person).

So what’s up with this about-face in my workout schedule?  Well, several things:

  1. I’ve been extra-tired lately.  I’ve had about 6 weeks of hard weekly workouts to build my mileage base & fitness level for my marathon training.
  2. Because I’ve been extra-tired, I haven’t been mentally “into” my workouts.  The time before and during my workouts are a mental tug-of-war.  But as always, afterward, I’m so glad I pushed through and started & completed the workout or run.
  3. I’ve been noticing a few “build up” pains, strains, and almost-injuries.  Sore calves, tight Achilles tendon, minor shin splints, etc. My body is blowing its whistle and saying “seriously, TIME OUT!”
  4. Even when I was sore from a solid workout, I felt whiny about the soreness…usually I have a “hurts so good” attitude and the soreness adds a bounce to my step because sore=progress.  So yeah, whiny Sarah is not a pleasant Sarah. Even Scout dislikes whiny me.
  5. Marathon training begins in a week or two.  I haven’t decided which week yet, I typically incorporate a 1 or 2 week cushion in case things come up (busy work week/weekend, needing to take a week off, being sick, etc.). It’s best to start a training program recovered and refreshed.

I’m pretty proud of myself for going cold turkey this week.  I normally panic and bargain with a hard bike ride or some other crosstraining to get my workouts in when I’m cutting back.  But, shockingly, I’m not experiencing any withdrawals at all.  It’s been a nice workout vacation 🙂


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