Big City “Get Away”





Skyline View, The Bean, Millennium Park

Can’t fool you, blogger friends!  Yes, Chicago was our recent “get away” destination.  Get away?  You went to the 3rd largest city in the US to “get away”? Yeah…I always leave Chicago ticked off about something.  I’m not a city girl by any means.  I always fantasize living in a hustling, bustling city.  But when I’m faced with big city nonsense, I retreat to my beloved rolling fields, fresh cut grass, and slower pace of rural/suburban life.  My “city” is by no means small – we have a Target, Best Buy, 4 grocery stores, Kohl’s, Walmart, Sam’s, etc. But it’s so nicely situated in the middle of corn & bean fields with plenty of open space.  It’s my paradise.

Anyhoo…Our Chicago trip was our Valentine’s gift to each other.  We wanted to see Big Fish on Broadway and it was opening in Chicago at the Oriental Theater (it was great, btw!). For us, a trip to Chicago is easy and hassel-free.  Just a “quick” 5-hour train ride and we’re there.  We found a good deal at The Whitehall Hotel on the northern part of Michigan Ave. and spent the weekend walking, shopping, running along Lake Michigan, and eating at places we’d never tried before.  It was so nice to get away and just “be” and reconnect.  We’re terribly guilty of being on a pretty tight routine during the week, especially with our training schedules, that once the weekend is here (if one of us doesn’t have to work) all we can fathom doing is grocery shopping and lounging on the couch.  Here are a few snapshots of our adventures:


Another view of Chicago, from the Natural History Museum

So yeah…on Saturday we ran (I did 7, Jeff did 10) and decided it’d be a great idea to walk to the Natural History Museum from our hotel, shop, AND walk to the theater…we logged an additional 15 miles that day (not including our run mileage).  I was dead.


Yes, that is a T-rex foot. Sue’s foot is the size of my entire body. YIKES!


Sue! Highlight of the museum adventure!

Confession, aside from the Louvre in Paris, I’ve never been to a “real” museum (the kind with dinosaur bones & stuff).  So the museum was extra cool to me.  Seeing a real mummy, the lion “man eaters”, and dino fossils…nerd alert!

We’ve decided to keep this 4-day weekend travel thing going…considering Indianapolis next before students come back in August.  Fun 🙂


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