A Week in the Life…

I’m one of those people that finds comfort in routine and familiarity.  Unfortunately, I’ve entered a career where that isn’t exactly an option.  Here’s a snapshot of my schedule lately.  My favorite thing about people’s schedules is that we have it down to the minute! HA!  I love sociology.

Monday: REST DAY! (Usually).  It’s typically my only day off from any type of workout.  Alarm goes off at 6:30am, and I hit the snooze button every 10 minutes until 6:50 (ish).  I’ll take Scout out, feed her, hop in the shower, and get ready for work by 7:30am.  Sip coffee, watch the news or squeeze in DVR’ed TV shows until 8am, make breakfast, prepare lunch, take Scout out one more time, and try to be out the door by 8:40am and at work by 9am.

Tuesday: Conditioning Circuit Training, alarm goes off at 5:15am, out of bed by 5:30am, take Scout out, get ready for workout, out the door by 5:40am.  If Conditioning gets out on time I can be home by 7:08 (per the coffee maker clock) and back to my morning routine by 7:45am.

Wednesday: Large Group (Weight) Training, repeat Tuesday morning routine.

Thursday: Gym day, alarm goes off at 4:15, hit snooze button until 4:35, take Scout out, drive to the gym, hit the bike (or treadmill now, YAY!) by 5:05am.  Squeeze in 1 to 1.5 hours of cardio, stretching, and correctional training.  Back in my car by 6:50am, home by 7:05.  Repeat morning routine.

Friday: Large Group (Weight) Training, repeat Tuesday morning routine.

I wish I could include a routine past the time I leave for work.  But I can’t.  Once I get to work, I check emails, voice mails, sort things that I threw on my chair as I came back from a late meeting & grabbed my things to go home from the night before.  If I have a 9am meeting I throw my things on the floor of my office, grab my planner, notebook, and phone (I always forget a pen) and speed off to my meeting.  From that point on it’s a constant battle of avoiding phone calls, returning avoided phone calls, endless emails, students dropping by (withOUT an appointment…grrrr), committee meetings, advising student organizations, planning programs, etc.  A seriously great day consists of only 2 meetings.  A day with zero meetings makes me nervous (even though it’s like having a vacation day at work and I can rock out my to-do lists).

Monday night: Grab a quick supper w/my sweetie, a few minutes of relaxing on the couch, then Volleyball at 6pm or 7:15pm.  Thankfully, our new league hasn’t had games past 7:15.  WOO!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday night: Some late meetings with student organization exec boards are scheduled on a weekly/biweekly basis.  Other late meetings or late presentations/focus groups pop up at random.  Once I leave work, I head to my sweetie’s to pick up Scout (he’s a great dog-sitter!), snuggle with the dogs, eat half of a dinner while standing up, head home, put on jammies, get everything ready to do again tomorrow, and climb into bed.  [Insert attempt to read, watch TV, etc. here without falling asleep].

There’s a reason I long for summer…my 40-hr weeks seem like a vacation compared to the 60-hr weeks during the school year.  Whew!



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