One Foot in Front of the Other

I have had the BIGGEST running itch lately.  Since I’ve started my “cheat runs” I have been craving it BIG time!  I’m even making mental notes about songs to add to my running playlists.  I saw this post from Distant Runners and it really hit a chord:

I used this quote/scenario in my dad’s eulogy.  The Saturday before he died, I was visiting with him at the hospital after a long run.  He asked me how far I went that day. When I told him I did 16 miles, he shook his head and said “How do you DO that?!”.  I just grinned and said “one foot in front of the other” because I’m a smarty pants.  Little did I know I would literally be utilizing that symbolism in real life and not just in “run life”…which is a lot more fun, pleasant, and relaxing.


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