Immune System Issues

Goodness.  I have worked every single day since my last post.  Yes, 1/21 was my last day off.  And each work day has lasted at least 12 hours. I’ve still managed to get my 7-8 hours of sleep, but you know what that means: work, sleep, repeat.  No couch time after supper, no time to read/watch TV before bed.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten every meal standing up for the last few weeks.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. But sometimes, my little body wears down from lack of “down time” and my immune system says “I’m done!”.  So yesterday, my first day off, turned into a sick day.  Nothing major, just a cold and all the yuckiness that goes with it. Sadly, I even went into work for an hour to finish a few things that had a deadline.  But I promise, after that, I parked my booty on the couch and didn’t move.

I woke up feeling a little better today. So what did I do this morning? An Insanity plyo-circuit workout.  I know, I know…I should have just rested and gotten better. I knew I’d be in trouble when I was exhausted just from walking up the stairs to the workout room.  I felt a lot better afterwards – maybe I sweated all the “sickness” out?  But I’m still pretty tired.  It’s been a day of laundry and couching.  You won’t find my cute pup complaining:


She is OBVIOUSLY exhausted…she has a rough life.

I listened to some old wives’ tales and I think they have kept the worst of this cold at bay: gargling warm salt water, drinking lots of fluids & lots of hot beverages, drinking lemon juice/hot water mixture.  Yes, this means lots of trips to the bathroom, but it’s really helped my throat feel better!  Turns out the “old wives’ tales” are pretty legit.

Gotta go – I have some DVR-ed Food Network shows calling my name!


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