A very Happy Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Happy Inauguration Day to you all!  If you have today off, I hope you are enjoying it!  This morning’s gym crowd wasn’t a good indicator of how many businesses (non-government & non-education) are closed today.  I found this on Pinterest today and this is the exact “formula” I’ve always been taught and has always driven me in my profession and in my work to inspire students to serve:


How true.  Everyone’s special talents can be meant to help others.  It doesn’t have to be your stereotypical community service “helping” that we’re all familiar with (that are all much-needed and much-appreciated, of course!) – food pantries, yard work for senior citizens, rebuilding homes after a natural disaster. For instance, a very dear friend of mine and her mom are brilliant with words, understanding, and empathy.  Since my dad passed away, they have never failed to let my mom and me know we are in their thoughts.  Cards, text messages, and a simple G-chat just to say “Thinking of you today!” can bring people so much peace.

Your purpose does not necessarily mean “your profession”.  Your purpose is the piece of you that inspires others while making yourself feel complete.  There are even moments when I’m running along and cars pass me by when I think to myself that I hope the actions they are seeing me take inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle.  Maybe they see me running and think “Ugh, I really should go to the gym today” or “I’m going to start eating healthier”.  Ok, maybe it’s a stretch, but I do hope SOMEONE that has seen me running (or riding my bike) has decided to do something healthy that day.

Have you discovered your purpose(s) in life?  Sometimes I feel that we may not realize what our purpose is until someone else points out to else what we shine in.



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