Celebration Food

Happy weekend to YOU!  PHEW!  This past week was INSANE!  I don’t know how yours shaped up, but I was lucky to eat lunch (i.e. a walk-and-eat-snack) before 3pm.  It was the first week of the Spring semester…and as a student affairs professional, that meant our office was FULL of energy, students, needs, & wants.  A friend of mine asked me “what is it that makes you so busy during this time of year”…It took me a while to think about it.  It’s one of those jobs you have to experience…I couldn’t just list off things I’ve been consumed by.  My response, “I really have no idea half of the time…”  *sigh*

In other news, this weekend is my “pre-birthday weekend”.  I don’t ever celebrate “Birthday Week” or “Birthday Weekend” or “Birthday Month”.  I’m not 5. But  I won’t say no to friends that want to go out and use my birthday as an excuse! 😉  I met up with a friend for some delicious and much needed Mexican & margaritas!  Chips! Salsa! Beans! Rice! Corn cake! Cheese (I’m paying for this one…)!  It really hit the spot.

And for dessert…?

Salted Caramel Crunch

Image source: http://www.cravethecup.com

Um, yes.  Have you ever seen anything MORE delicious?  Oh. My. Goodness.  This Salted Caramel Crunch cupcake was DECADENT, delicious!, moist, sweet, salty, creamy…EVERYTHING you could ever dream of with a dessert.  Perfect.  Just perfect.  I could only eat half – I was so stuffed from supper.  It was a rich cupcake so I saved the other half for a nice treat with my hot cup of coffee this morning.  The salty burnt caramel sauce was fabulous.  It sent my tastebuds for a ride!  Yum, yum!

All that food was “erased” (I wish!) with a HARD Insanity workout this morning.  Max Circuit Training?  Loved it!  My body? Not so much, but it will be thanking me later.  Whew!


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