Certifiably Crazy

Yup. I am. While I was running my marathon a few weeks ago (or maybe it was after I’d finished…?) I remember thinking “I can’t wait to get back in shape!”.  The other side of my brain said: Uh…what?  Get back in shape?!  You just ran a marathon!!  You should be in awesome shape!

Yeah, yeah…I was/am in good shape.  Good “cardio/endurance” shape, that is.  My 16 weeks of training, or lack thereof, caused me to slow down on weight training all thanks to my quad tear, personal emergencies only leaving time for running, and my 2-3 week taper period (very limited weight training during these weeks to prevent injury!).  So I had been (still do) feel a little flabby.  Or “skinny soft” as others call it.  But in “woman speak”, I’ve felt “fat”.

So what do I decide to do?  Sign up for CrossFit.  A new CrossFit gym just popped up in Edwardsville so I checked them out and their prices seem pretty reasonable and I am/was loving that CrossFit workouts are quick but intense.  Perfect!  I’m a bit tired of knocking out 3-4 hour workouts (as much as I secretly love them).  If you’ve never heard of CrossFit:

Yikes.  Needless to say, I was CRAZY sore after just the ORIENTATION class.  Sheesh.  On the docket for the orientation class:

  • 400M sprint
  • 40 air squats
  • 30 situps
  • 20 pushups
  • 10 pull ups

There wasn’t one exercise that was easier than the others because you do everything for time.  Everything is completed as fast as possible.  Obviously, pull ups are CLEARLY my weakest link so I’ll be needing to work on beefing up my arms just a tad.  Again, I’ve lost a lot of muscle since the end of September.  I completed that round in 7:38.  I lost a lot of time with the pullups because I had to add another assistance band to help out my puny arms pull me up.  Ugh.  But on the bright side, my time is on the “faster end” of average.  So at least I’m not in “bad shape” by CrossFit standards.

So stay tuned for my journey through CrossFit craziness…

I have many cupcakes to fill you in on!  Up next: The Cup’s Pumpkin Harvest, Monster, Pineapple Upside Down, & Peach Cobbler AND Jilly’s Cupcake Bar’s Bee Sting, Caramel Apple, Space Monkey, & S’murtle.  Goodness…and no I didn’t eat ALL of these cupcakes.



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