Serious Countdown, Tapering Psychosis

Alright folks…we’re in the single digits on the Marathon Countdown.  One word: NERVOUS.  Goodness, gracious.  I remember the week before my first marathon I was a total WRECK and remember thinking “the stress & worry I’m feeling now is NOT worth it, I’m never doing this again”.  Well, look where I am today.  Doing it again, feeling the same way.

My tummy hurts, my appetite is way down, I’m exhausted, and I’m totally doubting my ability to finish 26.2 with a decent time.  ARGH!  Typical “tapering psychosis”!

To add to the 2 or 3 major setbacks I’ve experienced during my training, I’m currently dealing with an inconvenient case of whiplash thanks to the jerk-face that rear-ended me last week.  I’ve had whiplash accompanied with a fractured C7 so this case is nothing compared to that.  But seriously dude…didn’t you know I have a huge race in a week!?  I don’t have time for the low-grade headaches, neck aches, and unfocused vision.  Wait…no one does!  🙂 duh.

I took 2 days off before running an easy 5-miler (my last “Sunday Runday” before race day!).  I felt fine, just need to remember to relax my neck & shoulders, which I was coincidentally having issues with before the whiplash.

My last few runs will be purely mental: running my “goal race pace” to remember “how it feels”.  You know how you can drive your car without noting your speed and you realize you’re going the speed limit?  It’s kind of like that.  Granted, I’ve BEEN doing that during my other runs, but this week is crucial to tapping into that mental element.  Endurance runs are certainly physical, I won’t undermine the physical training you must go through.  But when race day is here, getting to the finish line is all mental.

I hope my brain can handle it!


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