Cupcakes…yes, more than 1…like 4.

Okie dokie.  September was a tough month.  My mileage went up and up and up from 8 miles to 20 (scheduled) to make up for my injury time off.  September was also tough on the diet.  It was all good until my dad fell ill and, as it turns out, living in a hospital for for over a week (not consecutively) makes it hard to continue my strict diet of veggies, fruit, and lean protein.  I did my best, but these little tasty treats sneaked their way into my tummy:


Image source: The Cup

Yep. This cupcake is as decadent as it looks.  Chocolate cake, fudge filling, marshmallow topping, surprise graham cracker bottom, chocolate drizzle, with mini “mallows” and a graham cracker to top it off.  One word: RICH.  Normally I don’t feel guilty stopping half-way for diet purposes, but I just didn’t feel that I could toss the other half in the trash for the sake of my midsection.  Plus, half-way through you discover the delicious fudgy goodness, which always leaves me digging for more cupcake!  This cupcake would be PERFECT with a bonfire.  The “mallow” frosting was my favorite.  No wonder everyone that follows “The Cup” has this one on the countdown!

Peach Cobbler


Image source: The Cup

I know I’ve had a lot of “favorites” during this Cupcake Challenge.  But seriously.  This one is my #1. My favorite dessert is my mom’s peach pie and/or peach crumble.  August is my favorite time of year only because it’s prime peach season.  Sadly, my birthday is in January (aka, NOT peach season) so my mom freezes peaches so I can have a birthday peach pie.

I had this cupcake twice.  I loved it both times, but the first time was my favorite.  The peaches in the peach cake were a little more “whole”, which I adored.  The second time, they were more dispersed and chopped within the cake.  Still good, though.  The cream cheese frosting?  Ohmygoodness.  Heaven. And the crumble topping made it even more “down home”.  It was fabulous and I can’t wait until next September when this one makes a comeback!

One of my awesome coworkers visited Jilly’s Cupcake Bar in St. Louis last weekend and brought me back on of these monstrous yet delicious treats:


The Reese’s Chunkage.  GAWD.  My office reeked of chocolate, peanut butter, and GUILT.  Just when I’m trying to get my diet back on track after a 2 week slip (family time will do that to ya!) this amazingly delicious treat was practically FORCED into my face 😉

Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache AND peanut butter mousse filling!!!!  I was going to stop half-way on this one since it was the size of my head, considerably bigger than The Cup’s treats. But I discovered the middle goodness and had to keep going.  Top it off with the chocolate & peanut butter buttercream frosting with chunks of chocolate and Reese’s peanut butter cups…and I’m pretty sure I gained 5 lbs. that day.  700+ calories of cupcake = lunch for this gal.

Ugh…even 26.2 miles may not undo the serious cupcake damage from the last month 🙂


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