See that countdown on the right?  Yep. Less than 20 days until that darn Marathon.  Am I excited?  Sure.  I’m excited for it to be over.  This 4-month training has been anything but ideal.  Between a quad tear that knocked me out for a good 2 months and the death of my dad, my heart, body, diet, & mind just aren’t holding up like I’d like them to.

So on 10/21/12 I’m going to need some serious “internet cheering”. Got it? Good 🙂

Last weekend was my scheduled 20-miler.  I made it to 15 and my body said “done”. I didn’t run out of juice or enthusiasm, but my body hurt in ways that couldn’t push through 5 more miles of training.  If it were a race I would have gladly pushed through the pain.  Since I only have 3 weeks til race day, I’m in prime “injury zone” and wouldn’t have enough time to heal properly and confidently to cover 26.2 miles on race day.  So I scaled back and laughed at how ridiculous I sounded by saying “I’m so disappointed I only ran 15 miles today”. HA!  Dumb.

So the tapering continues.  I love tapering but I hate the psychological stress that comes with it.  There’s an article somewhere that when in the “tapering time frame” of training, your mind and body starts playing tricks on you.  You feel every single pain and worry it to death that you’re hurt or coming down with a cold.  Normally I’d take the time to find it to back up my statement with research, but we’re all friends here, so you’ll just have to trust me this time! 🙂

I’ve visited the race website several times every day making sure I’ve got everything covered.  Course map, elevation, aid stations, race start, expo info…you name it, I want it to be second nature.
I promise…cupcake reviews NEXT! Yum!


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