Running Philosophies

So, with life not going so well at the moment, I had 2 bursts of sunshine this past weekend and both bursts involved running.  My Saturday 16-miler went well.  Ok, it didn’t, but it was a perfect training run.  I had “lead legs” by mile 6 and the first 8 miles seemed like they just plugged along.  I’m not sure what happened after mile 8, but I must have blacked out because they went quickly and Miles 14-16 weren’t awful.  (my last 2 when increasing mileage are always my hardest…bc I haven’t run that far yet! Duh!) It was a great training session to mentally and physically prepare me for how I may or may not feel during the marathon.  See? Even bad runs are great 🙂  It was a wonderful 2hrs and 45 minutes to myself – much needed.

The other fantastic running ray of sunshine came when I got an email from Run the Edge Blog offering a FREE Kindle version of Running the Edge.  A free book about running, you say? Sign me up!  I should have known I’d be hooked when one of the reviews said this book was full of not only great quotes, but great paragraphs FULL of quotes.  They weren’t lying.  I was only a few minutes into reading the book when Tim Catalano said everything every runner believes:

“Running allowed me to control the storm. It gave me a release for the anger and frustration living inside me. When I ran, I was able to let loose of the fury until I was so exhausted I could feel calm. In the hours following a run, I could see the real me. I could see my potential to be a good person. I could relax and smile and look forward to creating a better life…I was free.”

The “feeling so exhausted I could feel calm” is amazingly true.  At some point, my body and mind are so in sync that I don’t feel anything.  Hence, the last 8 miles of my 16-miler that I can’t recall.  Free therapy and a calorie-burner?  Winning! The way I feel after a run? Calm & who I know I have the potential to be.  The petty things that bothered me hours before seem just that: petty. It’s great motivation to know that I CAN get to that “level of person” I strive for. Even if it’s just for a few hours.

Another quote, by Adam Goucher: “I am thankful that I discovered a sport that freed me from needing approval from others.”

Amen, brother!  Not just the approval from others in running or sports, but in life.  Got a problem with me or the way I live my life? Cool, I’m still going to plan my life around running.  Seems like a logical response to me 🙂

Brace yourselves: I still have 90% of the book to read.  This blog will be FULL of quotes from these guys.  We must be soul mates 😉

Since my life obviously only revolves around running and food, I have 2 cupcake reviews to share with you.  Stay tuned!


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