Free Cupcakes!!

Yes, you read that correctly.  I had the chance to sample some free cupcakes from The Cup through our Merchant’s Fair that we hold during the first week of every semester.  Hooray for being a university employee!  Free stuff, free food!



(Image Source: The Cup)

Oh, YUM!  Less sometimes really is more.  And that is exactly the case for this cupcake.  Decadent french vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting.  The cupcake I sampled had red & black sprinkles (our school colors, very festive), but that did not hinder my cupcake experience.  It was absolutely delicious.  Plain & simple.  It made my taste buds appreciate the simple things in life!

Double Chocolate


(Image source: The Cup)

Also a free cupcake, this one did not disappoint either.  Again, a simple “no muss, no fuss” cupcake that really hit the spot on my “I need sugar NOW” radar.  The double dose of chocolate was just right, not too much chocolate (if there is such a thing).  The chocolate buttercream really kept the dark chocolate cake light and moist.  I wish I had eaten all of the cupcake…I shared it with a coworker since I had already eaten my week in calories in a matter of an hour.  But it will definitely be a regular cupcake in my rotation once the Cupcake Challenge is over!

You better believe I had a MAJOR sugar crash that afternoon.  It was all I could do to walk to my car after work – my glucose levels hit rock bottom after all the free cupcakes!  Worth it.

Next cupcakes on my list: Smores (!!!!) and Peach Cobbler (!!!!).  Oh my goodness, I cannot WAIT for these to become available.  September 4th.  I’ve started my countdown!

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