Return of Sunday Rundays!

Well said, Kara.  Well said.  This was the perfect quote and perfect picture to sum up my recent Sunday Runday.  It was my first one “back” from my vastus lateralis tear/strain PT regime and it felt gooooood.  Not because the run was one of my best performances (it wasn’t, I lost speed in my recovery process) but it provided me a solid hour of reflection to remind myself how great life is.  This return of Sunday Runday came at a crucial time with my job gearing up for the most stressful & busiest time of the year.  It’s easy to get bogged down on the things that aren’t going right or the things that keep you from your free time.  This run reminded me that even a 6-miler at a 10 min/mile pace can make all right again in my little world.

Did I mention the weather was perfect?  A “brisk” 65 degrees with a light breeze and  much-welcomed cloud cover.  Quite the reprieve from our extreme heat & drought conditions we’ve experienced all summer.  Delicious.

And if a great run wasn’t enough to make the day perfect, a nice pot of home made chili and a bejankety downloaded version of The Hunger Games rounded out my Sunday.  Bliss.



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