I know I told you I’m on the quest to phase dairy out of my diet.  So far, it’s gone well and I’ve gone 2-3 whole days without yogurt or ice cream.  I’ve still added a little bit of cheese (feta & mozz) to my egg for breakfast, but it is such a small amount it doesn’t seem to bother me.  Plus who can eat just eggs with veggies?  Yuck!

BUT…I found this seriously awesome natural Velveeta “remake” called “MomVeeta” from from  I haven’t had Velveeta or any Velveeta recipe dip in years because it’s so processed and just plain bad for you…don’t worry, I’m not so food righteous that I don’t think it doesn’t taste delicious.  Because it does.  But just thinking about the salt & processed junk in Velveeta almost instantly makes me feel bloated and yucky (again, technical medical term).  I’m sure this MOMveeta is crazy expensive to make, but MOMveeta isn’t something you eat every day and with football season quickly approaching (and potluck season!), this could come in handy!

In other news, I am one sore gal.  My PT & Orthopedist “released me” this week so I’ve been able to resume running and leg weight workouts…slowly.  On Thursday I ran 2 miles (pain free, so important) and wrapped up the workout with Bosu ball squats, lunges (2-5lb weights), single-leg squats (2-5lb weights), dead lifts (2-8lb weights), bridges,  side lunges (2-10lb weights).  I was TANKED.  My poor legs were quivering before I left the gym.

Needless to say I’m movin’ slow today.  DOMS is evil and always hits me hard.  It’s funny how much muscle strength I’ve lost in the 1.5 months since I realized I should stop running/doing leg workouts.  I’ve never had an injury where I couldn’t continue with leg workouts…I’ve only had to stop running to let previous injuries heal.  So this injury will be interesting in the bounce-back process.

I have a warm epsom salt bath and easy bike ride planned tonight & tomorrow to ease the DOMS.  Woof! Too bad there’s not a magical pill that will make it go away! 🙂

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