Food Ban

Any of my readers out there (bc there are SO many, haha) given up a food group or specific food lately?  Meat? Red meat? Dairy? Chocolate (it’s a food group in my world)? Coffee? Cheese?

I ask because I’m seriously considering cutting out dairy from my diet.  I’m not lactose intolerant by any means, but lately after I eat a dairy product (mainly yogurt or ice cream), I just feel bloated and “yucky”.  <— Real official term, right? Apparently this is pretty common: the older we get, the less tolerance we have with dairy digestion.

I know you’re all probably thinking, “But Sarah, do you realize dairy/whey is in nearly EVERYTHING?”.  *Sigh*…yes…I’m aware.  But fortunately, since I eat very little boxed/processed things these days it would be more of a “direct source dairy cut”.  No milk, no cheese, no ice cream, no yogurt.  I really don’t drink milk anymore simply because I can’t even buy a half gallon without it going bad since I don’t eat cereal (I don’t eat cereal for several reasons: cost, serious lack of energy nutrition, usually not “clean”, etc.).  Although I admit, I had a hankering for some Trader Joe’s Honey Nut O’s and caved last week…

Anyhoo…I know I’ll struggle with no ice cream and no yogurt.  I eat Greek yogurt nearly every day.  It’s a great source of protein (and no fat!) and I pile it high with fruit.  It’s a great “dessert”.   And no ice cream?  It would probably be easier than I imagine – I would just need to get creative with my after-dinner dessert.  And when all my buddies call me (haha…right…) to grab ice cream, froyo, or frozen custard, a slip here or there won’t hurt.

Another question: “But Sarah, you’re missing out on some serious calcium consumption!”.  False.  Have you checked nutrition labels lately?  Almond milk (unsweetened) has over twice the amount of calcium as cow’s milk, less sugar, and less fat.  I’ll admit, I don’t like the taste of almond milk alone…I drink it in my smoothies.  I wouldn’t like it on top of cereal (unless I tried the sweetened kind, maybe?).  Also a great source of calcium in my diet comes from all the leafy greens I eat: kale, romaine, spinach…YUM!  Oh yeah, and I take a multivitamin just in case I have a day with less-than-ideal food habits.

What are your thoughts on going sans dairy?  Do you have a certain food/food group that you avoid?




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