3 Cupcake Reviews = 3 hour-workout!!

Sorry blog friends, I’ve slacked on my blogging duties.  Blame work. Work is evil. No matter how much I love my job.  Anyhoosier…

Guess who has gotten to run THREE times at physical therapy?!  Yup.  This gal!  I started small at 5 min, then 8, then up to 10 minutes…PAIN FREE.  So awesome.  I even got crazy and ran 10 minutes (also pain free) during my workout today.  One word: endorphins!  WOW!  I’m so excited to get back on track with my marathon training plan.  Running rocks, friends.

I only have 1 more PT session and an appointment with my orthopedist before I’m officially “released”.  And I could not be happier.  Although, I’m going to have to find a different excuse to get a cupcake since my PT office is located in the same building 🙂

Speaking of cupcakes…Yes, I can cross 3 more off my list:

Summer Crush


(Image source: The Cup)

Oh my goodness.  This sweet little cupcake was delicious.  Orange cake with orange buttercream AND cream filling…I forgot about the cream filling so it was a pleasant surprise that led me to give this cupcake 2 thumbs up.  The orange cake and buttercream combo was SO refreshing.  No wonder this is a summer cupcake.  It was a nice little reprieve from the heat and drought.  This was definitely one that I couldn’t just eat half.  Before I knew it, I’d inhaled the whole thing, before supper.  Oh well.  Dessert for dinner is always an ok option for me!

Banana Split


(Image source: The Cup)

This double-dessert treat was a great idea for a Friday night “date night” with one of my girlfriends.  The Cup has an adorable sitting area with couches & comfy chairs so we bought our cupcake, had a cup of coffee, and chatted away until the store closed for the night.  Bliss.  The Banana Split is such a creative cupcake: banana & strawberry cake (very dense), vanilla buttercream, and chocolate drizzle.  The only thing that would have made this cupcake better…would be a scoop of Blue Bunny Banana Split ice cream.  The banana flavor seemed to overrule the strawberry cake, but the chocolatey drizzle was a great touch!  The perfect compliment to my cozy cup of coffee!

Triple Key Lime


(Image source: The Cup)

This one doesn’t really count.  Why, you ask?  My friend chose this one for our Friday night “date” and let me have a few bites (I returned the favor, of course!).  WOW! This is one of those cakes that makes you close your eyes and savor every single flavor.  Key lime cake, key lime buttercream, and key lime cream filling.  The filling again surprised me (not sure why…TRIPLE…3 key limes…HELLO!). But anyway 🙂  This amazing cupcake is BETTER than any key lime pie I’ve ever had.  Honestly, I’ll probably never eat key lime pie again because the cake-option was so much lighter and decadent.  The graham cracker crumbs on top added additional flavor and visual appeal.  This one will definitely be the one I purchase on my last PT day.  Only 2 days until I can have this one all over again.  My mouth is already watering.

Well done, The Cup!  You have, again, left my taste buds satisfied and ready for more!  After sampling the Triple Key Lime, I’ve decided the “fruit” inspired cupcakes are my favorite.  Blasphemy for me to say “fruit over chocolate”, but it’s true.  The pleasure centers in my brain agree.

Well, since I consumed 2.13 cupcakes this week, you can bet my workout today was INTENSE.  2 hours of intervals on the stationary bike, 10-minute run in between each 1-hour bike session, my PT leg exercises, ab work, 1-leg bridges, 1-leg squats, and bosu ball squats.  All on a fairly empty stomach and a horrible case of heartburn.  Rain forced me to the gym instead of cruising around on the bike trails for 3 hours.  But you won’t find me complaining about rain this summer.  Nope, nope, nope!


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