This is How I Roll

I apologize for the lack of posts this week.  We’re starting to feel the stress of the upcoming school year in my office, not to mention I’ve been dealing with web development all week to completely scrap my program’s website and redo it.  ARGH!  So for a few days, blogging seemed to closely related to web development and I had to distance myself.  My campus’ web developer program and I have conflicting personalities and we don’t get along. At all.

Aside from my weekend workouts and coming in to the office on Saturday to get things done (lame sauce!), I don’t have any exciting plans other than the typical laundry routine.  I mean really, I’d envy my life too. HA!

Really cool blog post by Greatist this week about foam rolling.  Check it out! A foam roller is like a toothbrush for your muscles – it gets all the “gunk build-up” from workouts pushed out of your muscles to prevent/break up scar tissue formed during the “healing/recovery” stage after a workout.

Are any of you a dedicated foam rolling machine?  I was until my quad gave me problems.  I’d practically live on my foam roller after long runs to prevent and work out any “kinks”.  Foam rolling (or foam “rollering” as I call it when am talking faster than my brain can think) is just like a free massage.  It’s not necessarily meant to hurt, but any soreness being “worked out” will bring an awareness of “HEY! I’m an overworked muscle and need some TLC!”.  What? Your muscles don’t have conversations with you…?  Hmm… My hip flexors and IT band have been extra tight recently so I need to “punish them” with some foam rolling this weekend.

Next week begins the month of “cupcake excitement”…Key Lime Pie, Summer Crush, Banana Split….oh my!  My mouth is already watering 🙂



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