Weekend Round-Up and…Cupcakes…

This weekend was just like any other – long bike rides, ab workouts, dissertation editing, cleaning, and laundry.  Actually, the cleaning isn’t an every weekend “thing”, but with August looming (the point in my year when my job gets crazy and I can’t catch up on life until May) I was “nesting” and felt the urge to clean, clean, clean!  Definitely a good calorie-burner!

I might have eaten a lot of frozen custard this past weekend…but that didn’t stop me from checking cupcakes off of my “Cupcake Challenge” list.



I don’t like to give negative reviews, but this is definitely my least favorite cupcake thus far.  I am a HUUUUGE fan of mint chocolate chip ice cream (it doesn’t last the weekend in my house) and any chocolate/mint combo.  But I’m also leery of “fake” mint flavor.  What was it that didn’t work for me with this cupcake?  The icing…it’s hard to explain.  The cupcake as a whole was good and everything a cupcake should be.  But the odd tasting mint-icing just didn’t do it for me.  Even the dark chocolate “cake” portion didn’t seem to have much flavor.  Since I’ve never had a bad cupcake from The Cup, I’m willing to consider this one as a fluke.  Sometimes my taste buds are just “off”.  I haven’t even been “craving” anything lately…even around meal times, nothing really sounds good even though I’m hungry.  Weird.  So maybe in a month when The Grasshopper returns, I’ll give it another go.

Until then, there are several upcoming cupcakes in August that I’m so excited to try!  Better up my mileage that month to justify my extra sweet treats 🙂

Leg update:  PT is going well – my stupid quad is pretty finicky and hurts during some exercises some days but not others when previous exercises that caused me no pain suddenly do.  BUT, the pain level has significantly decreased.  There was MAYBE a FAINT promise of POSSIBLY incorporating some light running into my PT regimen next week.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂  Those descriptor words make it seem promising, eh? HA!


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