Cupcake Challenge Update…Finally!

Another one I said I didn’t care if I tried, and boy was I silly to think that!



This one is only available the month of July. In honor of The King himself, this delicious cupcake consists of a light & moist banana cake, comforting peanut butter buttercream frosting, and a chocolate-dipped banana chip.  I was nervous about the banana cake.  I’m always leery of anything banana, other than real bananas, since most of my banana-flavored experiences tend to taste to “fake”.  You know, like the banana Runts or banana Laffy Taffy flavor?  Yuck!  Not so with this cake.  DELICIOUS!  Very decadent and just the right about of flavor.

Since I’m the queen of adapting recipes and I’m also obsessed with mini-chocolate chips, I pressed a layer of mini-chocolate chips onto the frosting.  WOWZA!  The chocolate chips REALLY enhanced the peanut butter AND banana flavor.  MMMM!

Two thumbs up, The Cup!  Maybe if I reference their website enough, they’ll get wind of my Cupcake Challenge and hook me up with some free cupcakes.  A girl can dream…


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