Welcome to Hell…sort of…

Satan called.  He wants his weather back.  Oh my GOODNESS!  This recent heat wave did me in.  Friday, weather.com claimed it was 111 degrees in Edwardsville, IL!  And that’s not with a heat index folks!  SHEESH!  I’ve never witnessed the mercury get THAT high.  I’ve seen the heat index be higher than 111, but not the actual temperature.  My shoes truly felt like they were melting during my walk into the office.  Needless to say, this heat has me getting up at 5:30am on the weekends in an attempt to squeeze in my long workouts before it’s too unbearable.  I’m usually done by 9am, and even then it’s already been hitting the 90-degree mark.  Good grief.

Fortunately, the temperature today isn’t supposed to be above 90 degrees.  It’s sad that 90 degrees feels “cool”.  That’s adaptation for ya, eh? 🙂

I have been feeling so great lately.  After a solid week or two of a super-disciplined diet, I’m feeling fantastic.  Wearing my BodyMedia armband has REALLY helped with that.  Now I have a better idea of what MY body burns throughout the day and on specific days.  Call me a control freak, but I love seeing the results when I sync my armband in the evening.  It’s cool to see which part of the day shows me burning more calories based on my activities and body temperature.  Plus, I love seeing my sleep efficiency.  It’s scarily accurate at everything it records.  I won’t deny having doubts at first…

How do you all do with the heat?  Is exercising outside more difficult for you in hot temperatures?

As much as I hate heat, I think I hate running in the cold more.  The grass is always greener though…


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