I LIVE for this!!

Epic weekend of physical activity.  Seriously. Epic.

Obviously, I’m still on a cycling/running high.  Saturday, instead of doing hot yoga in a 100-degree room, I decided to tackle a 30-mile ride on my awesome bike in 100-degree weather.  And it was awesome.  It felt so great to be back on the saddle again (literally) and I was living on a high the rest of the day.  It was a great workout, definitely a new Saturday workout!

Sunday was, of course, Sunday Runday.  With the pain I’ve been dealing with in my right upper leg, the “smart” runner in me knew I shouldn’t run, especially a long run.  But I’m not chalking up this marathon just yet and I wrapped my right quad (I really do love compression.  It feels so safe and secure!) and I set out for an 11-12 mile run.  The first mile wasn’t the most comfortable, but my leg warmed up and didn’t feel too bad.  By mile 7 I realized my leg didn’t hurt at all.  This is one of the many things I love about long-distance running.  At a certain point in your run, you really can’t feel anything, physically or mentally.  And it’s great.

I ran 9 miles at a consistent pace of 10 to 10’20” miles.  Then mile 10 and 11 hit with the heat and I slowed down by nearly a minute per mile.  A big “woof” to the insane heat. Crazy.

I managed a 20-minute cool down on the bike and some ab-work before I headed home to begin the typical Sunday Runday recovery: protein shake, shower, ice on injuries, delicious comforting breakfast & coffee, and the rest of the day to do nothing but lay on the couch.  Yup, Sundays are the best day of the week ever.  Until 5pm hits…Oh well.

I’m taking advantage of the holiday being in the middle of the week, which is just cruel and took off today and tomorrow.  Just a little 5-day weekend, no biggie 🙂

Also fitness-related:  I downloaded Chrissie Wellington’s new book (audio version), A Life Without Limits: A World Champion’s Story.  I’m just a TAD excited to read it.  This will make me yearn for the Kona Ironman to be on TV again.


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