Bike Needs a Name

Holy heat wave, Batman.  We have an expected high of 107 today.  In all my years of living in the St. Louis area, I can’t ever recall it getting that hot in my lifetime.  Granted, I’ve experienced a Heat Index of 110.  St. Louis humidity really is the best, I tell you. Fortunately, the humidity is staying low. So instead of the oppressive heat/humidity combo we normally deal with, this week we are only dealing with dry, oven-like heat.  No complaints here.  It CAN always be worse.

My appointment with the orthopedist is this afternoon.  He’s going to give me some magic pill or exercise for my thigh to make the pain go away and make me a runnin’ fool again.  Right…?  Ok fine, but maybe he will have SOME positive news and start me on an aggressive physical therapy to get me back ASAP.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted.  You may want to brace yourselves for a few sappy posts if the appointment goes poorly.  Fair warning.

In the meantime, I want to introduce you to the newest member of my family.


Isn’t she a beaut?!

I’m excited about my new purchase for a number of reasons.

  1. In case I’m on the DL running list for a few weeks, I can keep up my cardio through my pretty bike
  2. I would much rather ride this than my 15-year old Huffy from Target
  3. I won’t feel like a poser on the bike trails
  4. I’d take riding outside vs. inside on the stationary any day!
  5. It’s the perfect shade of blue (color is of the utmost importance)
  6. I can go crazy fast on this thing!
  7. I can’t wait to spend insane amounts of money to upgrade my cycling apparel (not…)
  8. I can’t wait to name her!  Any suggestions?

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