Conditioning Tuesday, Quad Issues

Happy Conditioning Tuesday!  Today’s conditioning boot camp was a killer.  I walked in, saw the “line up” on the board and thought about turning around and going home.  Here was the 35/4 (35 seconds, 4 rounds) line up:

  1. Sprint in place/Wall drills
  2. Burpees/Squat jumps
  3. Med Ball Slam/Mountain Climbers
  4. Jumping Jacks/Jump Rope
  5. Hurdles/Side In & Out
  6. Iso Roll Out/Plank
  7. Box Jumps/Step ups

We went through one whole round #1-7 then switched to the alternating exercises.  This one was killer.  I was good-n-sweaty!  Squat jumps = not my friend.  I’ve never liked doing squat jumps, but I’m experiencing a bit (aka a lot) of pain in my upper/inner right quad so these were not so fun for my sad, injured quad.  I know, I know.  I shouldn’t have even done them and should have improvised, but I didn’t.  I also want to make an announcement that I successfully completed an 18-inch box jump for the first time.  I’ve actually never done box jumps because I’m terrified I’ll miss and land right on my face.  So I started with 12-inches then got brave and did the 18-inches the 2nd round.  YAY!

I normally squeeze in a 2-3 mile run after conditioning, but I took 3-4 strides and decided my leg hurt too bad.  I was really looking forward to the run, too so I was extra bummed.  Who doesn’t love an extra endorphin kick/calorie burn?! I have an appointment with an orthopedist to figure what my next steps are with this darn injury.  I’ve had it before and, from experience and reading internet articles (sooo reliable!), it takes a long time to heal.  Hope he knows “no running/no activity” isn’t really an option in my book.  I’ve got a marathon to dominate in October! 🙂



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