Yes, I ate 3 cupcakes today…Whatever…

Um…I haven’t exactly been the model “eat healthy” spokesperson lately…especially today.  I went to The Cup this morning after some serious, serious cleaning with the intention of getting ONE cupcake.  The Peanut Butter Cup.  I’d been planning it since early last week.  Well…you know how you go to Target with the intention of picking up one non-expensive item, like deodorant, and end up spending $50-$100…?  Yeah…this cupcake experience was just like that.  I ended up getting 3 cupcakes with the other intention of just eating 1/3 of each since I have the rest of this week of “staycation” to enjoy them.  BAHAHA.  That’s funny.  They are now completely consumed.  I know, I know…SHAME!!!  The reviews:

Cuppa Coffee Cake:


Call me a senior citizen, but I love coffee cake.  It reminds me of sitting around the kitchen table at my grandparents’…I guess we did that a lot…? Any way, this mini coffee cake was moist, with a delicious & sweet cinnamon crunch top.  And who doesn’t love drizzle icing?  I mean, really…

Peanut Butter Cup:


Um, wow.  I know I’ve mentioned I’m a sucker for coffee/mocha flavored sweets, but I just turn to mush when someone mentions chocolate AND peanut butter together.  This cupcake consisted of a moist dark chocolate cake w/a delicious peanut butter butter cream frosting.  Honestly, the cupcake would be great with just that.  But oh wait…the chunks of peanut butter cup on top and O-M-G.  There are no words  – this is by far my favorite one so far.  I don’t know if any others will top this one.

The Muny/Name TBD

Photo: Wondering what you should do while you anxiously await the 2012 Muny Season??<br /><br /><br />
Help The Muny and The Cup - CWE, St. Louis, MO name this delicious treat! Described as a "Refreshing lime and strawberry sherbet swirled cake topped with tangy orange buttercream and a custom Muny fondant," this special Muny cupcake needs a name! The winner will receive a gift card for free Cupcakes and pair of Muny tickets! Post your name suggestions here on The Muny Facebook page through June 14th.

This one is the center of a “naming contest” on Facebook so for now it’s just “The Muny” cupcake.  The Muny is St. Louis’ wonderful outdoor theater that showcases several outdoor musicals throughout the summer.  It’s a key St. Louis summer activity.  Anyhoo, the cake itself is a raspberry & lime swirl. The icing is a sweet fruity flavor (orange-ish, maybe?).  While delicious, it fell 3rd on my list of 3 for today.  But, I did still manage to scarf it down so it was still note-worthy!

Sunday Runday & workout post soon (obviously since I have 3 cupcakes to work off!)…


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