Another Cupcake Challenge Update…

Remember how I said I wasn’t going to get the Holey Moley…?  Well, I didn’t, but my awesome coworker stopped by and bought one while she was buying one for herself.  Too cool!  And uh…remember how I said it’s JUST yellow cream-filled cake w/chocolate dipped icing and a donut on top?  WAY better than I ever would have thought.  The simplicity of this cupcake made it decadent and delightful.  So yes, that’s right.  2 massive cupcakes in a 24-hour period.  Oh the shame!  My pancreas probably hates me.


Have I mentioned I’m on vacation next week?  Because I am! I have a whole list of things I have planned to do but I’m not posting the list on here for fear that not only will I see my failures for not completing the list, but you will too.  So to spare you all from my boring, underachieving list, you’ll just have to wait to see my updates.  I know, the suspense is probably killing you…I do live quite the exciting life, let me tell you!




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