Cupcake Challenge Update

Cupcake Challenge Update:


This adorable cupcake is called “Wipeout”.  It wasn’t on my original list for the Cupcake Challenge but I’ve been craving a cupcake ALL week and already have one lined up as a treat during my “stay-cation” next week.  Don’t they say to eat what your craving (in moderation, obviously) if the craving doesn’t subside in 15-20 minutes?  Well, how about in 3 days?!  I had every intention of only eating half and giving the other half to my coworker that is just as obsessed with these cupcakes…buuuuuttttttt the pleasure centers in my brain went a LITTLE crazy and I ate the whole thing.  For lunch.  With a salad.  Lunch of champions 🙂  Fortunately, my coworker understood my lack of ability to control my “stop eating tasty treats”.  I didn’t know if I’d enjoy the chocolate chip cupcake like I do the other exotic cupcakes that I’ve had.  And while it was delicious (obviously) it’s one of those cupcakes that will be easier for me to pass up than others I’ve had.  The thin layer of icing was ideal…call me crazy, but I’m not a big fan of a huge mountain of icing.  I’m a ganache/whipped cream gal.

THIS glorious cupcake is being offered today through Saturday in honor of Father’s Day.  It’s called “Holey Moley”.  Vanilla/yellow cream-filled cake with a GLAZED DONUT HOLE on top!  The drizzly goodness on top looks so decadent, eh? 🙂  Goodness…since I’m not a fan of cream-filled cakes, I may have to pass on this one…I’m disappointed in myself too.  Passing up a donut?!   Insane.


P.S.  That awesome running quote from yesterday’s post was from Kara Goucher’s “Road to London” blog Run the Edge.   Check it out!

Today’s workout was a classic Thursday workout: bike intervals for 50 minutes, arms & abs weights/work, 15 minutes of intervals on the stair climber.  The bike and stair climber reminded me that my legs felt so dead from previous workouts.  Whewie!



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