If this were easy…

“If running were easy, it would lose its seduction as an exclusive club reserved for the fit and tenacious.  If it were easy, tens of thousands of people who pay money to register for local 10K runs or who commit huge chunks of time to train their bodies to withstand the pounding of an ultra-marathon would choose other, more challenging pursuits. Yes, running is hard, and that is exactly what makes it so irresistible to those of us lucky enough to understand.”

Quotes like this are what keep me motivated.  You know the old saying “If it were easy, everyone would do it”?  I always remind myself this when I take on a task or goal that eventually leaves me with the “I want to quit, why am I doing this?” thoughts.  It’s easy to get down on yourself (at least it’s easy for ME to get down on MYSELF) when tackling big goals.  Things like getting up between 3:30am and 4:15am to squeeze in a run & workout (seriously…I know it’s insane), not sure your legs will carry you from the car to your office, going to bed tired & waking up tired, not being convinced I should’ve stayed in bed for extra rest until I’m 2 miles in to a run, pushing through the first 10 minutes of a run even though I feel exhausted and my body hurts, only feeling a runners high 3 times out of 5…these things can bog you down.  But why do I keep doing it?  Why am I always searching for my next race before I’ve even completed the 5 others standing in its way? Because it’s always tough, it’s always challenging, and it’s always teaching me valuable lessons.  It’s never the same, day-to-day. Even when I can barely keep my eyes open during an afternoon meeting and I have nearly 10 more hours of things keeping me from my bed, I still think “it’s ok, I get to run tomorrow” and all is right with the world.

But until Sunday Runday, when my glorious training plan and I are reunited, I shall crosstrain.  Argh!


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