Randoms, Look-Alikes, Body Media Intro

Did anyone else catch the Disney weekend on ABC Family this past weekend?! This moment of enlightenment came to me this weekend when I was watching Aladdin (which had me completely in a trance).  Hobbes = Raja, Scout = Abu.  And once I realized this I couldn’t stop laughing.

Hobbes: Sweet, caring, protective, thoughtful, enjoys his role of being our “companion”, often looking at Scout like this:


Scout: Smaller than Hobbes (for now), feisty, ready to play/fight, side-kick.

HA! Now I just need to get her a little hat.

Today was Circuit Training Tuesday and is normally followed by a quick 2-mile run, but today my running buddies didn’t show to class.  I was a little bummed at first, but given my quad is still sore, I saw it as a sign that running wouldn’t have been a good choice today.  This led me to the brilliant idea of keeping this week as a cross training week before my marathon training starts next week.  See how smart I’m getting?!

Another random:  I’m trying the BodyMedia Core thing-a-ma-jig.  You know, those things that measure activity, body temperature, calories burned, sleep quality & efficiency?

I don’t even notice I’m wearing it (even when I sleep), plus it is easily worn under a cardigan too in case you don’t want others constantly asking you “what’s that on your arm?!” a million times a day (which is what happened to me yesterday).  I’m a little skeptical since it showed me burning nearly 1500 calories by 6pm…I guess that’s possible but I didn’t work out yesterday so we’ll see.  I did enter my age, gender, weight, & height…hmmm…I’m at a point where I don’t know if I’m eating enough to keep my metabolism revved up…I’m watching calories (among other things) but not seeing any changes…so perhaps my body needs more to speed things up but has been slowed due to lack of consumption.  It’s a toss up – hopefully this thing will be fairly accurate.  I have a free 3-month subscription so I’ll be updating you as I continue to wear it.  It will be interesting to see how things change once my mileage increases!



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