Sunday Run…er…Cross Training Day…?

Ah yes…it wasn’t a traditional Sunday Runday.  I thought it’d be best to cross train yesterday instead of having my feet pound the pavement.  Since my Saturday race is similar to my recent Sunday “long runs” (7-8 miles) it seemed overzealous to do another long run the day after a race that was longer than 5 miles.  YAY for learning my lesson with my stress fracture and giving my body time to rest.

I thought for sure I’d feel uneasy and left “wanting more”, but it was so refreshing to switch things up.  I started with 1 hour of intervals on the elliptical, followed by 1 hour of weights (legs on Sundays), and finished with a 30-minute bike ride of intervals.   My weight session focused slightly more on abs work since my right quad still felt sore & tight from the mysterious injury and my quads were just sore in general from the race.  This is always so funny to me…I can run the same distance and same pace during a training run and feel so much less soreness as I do after a race.  Bizarre.

Sunday is my favorite day of the week.  Aside from the awesome Sunday workouts (which are always rejuvenating and empowering), I always leave the day wide open.  So I can take as long as I need to at the gym, relax through breakfast & coffee, avoid with the hair dryer & make-up, and plan to catch up on relaxation the rest of the day.  There’s usually some serious grocery shopping involved, but the opportunities that Sunday brings are endless.  Lunch and supper are always going to be deemed “extra awesome” on Sunday because I’m always starving after my Sunday workout.  Reading, zoning out to the TV, and vegging with the dogs.  Is there anything better in today’s insanely over-scheduled lifestyle?

Marathon training commences next Sunday…ready…set…go!



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