Spicy Salmon & More Running Excuses

I’m taking a break from my oddly productive morning to write this post.  I promise I’m not a slacker.

Did everyone have a great running holiday?!  Once lunchtime came around, my unending hunger managed to control itself.  I guess I filled up on enough fiber and protein to curb my physical & imaginative appetite.  Whew!  That would have been a really long day of struggle otherwise.  For dinner we improvised on a Salmon Taco recipe.  Ever since I tried Mahi-Mahi tacos in New Orleans this past March, I’m obsessed with fish tacos.  I used to completely turn my nose up and my stomach would churn any time I’d hear “fish tacos”.  I blame this on living next to a shady Del Taco during my college years.  Fish tacos from Del Taco…really, people…?

My spicy salmon inspiration came from this Eating Healthy Recipe. We didn’t have any tortillas so it was a salmon tacos sans the tacos 🙂  I mixed chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, and lime juice (just eyeballed everything) and spread it over salmon.  I wanted to put them on the grill, but I was too lazy and just popped them in the toaster oven at 450 until they were done.  I served the tasty salmon with some vegetable paella I made weeks ago (I froze several bags of it for future meals), and YUM-O!  That’s a meal, friends! 🙂

While I was impatiently waiting for the salmon to cook, I started thinking about my “Why I run” badge and began to think of other reasons why I run.  Since I think National Running Day should last more than 1 day, here are just a FEW others…

…to beat my odds of heart disease (my original motivation for a healthy lifestyle 7+ years ago)

…because I like running clothes more than real clothes (sad, but true…remember my post about migrating toward the workout clothes in stores?)

…because running is cheaper than counseling

…to become stronger, physically and mentally

…to reflect and recharge

…to have an excuse for unsightly tan lines

…to defeat stress and anxiety

…to keep my body “in-check”

…to have “me” time

…to burn off that donut I ate yesterday 🙂

…for the sense of community

…rain or shine, cold or hot (or humid)

…because there are many that want to, but aren’t able

…and because one day I won’t be able to, and today is not that day.


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