I run…

HAPPY NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!!!  Did YOU run today?  Even if you ran out the door because you were late for work…I’ll take it 🙂

If you consider yourself a runner, did you get your badge yet?! Here’s  mine:

Also, Happy Hump Day!  It’s one of those weeks that I don’t really process what day it is.  Yesterday felt like Wednesday, today feels like Tuesday.  I’m just glad I remembered when to wake up for my Wednesday workout (1 hour earlier than Tuesdays) and made it out with door with pants on.  Sheesh.

Today’s run was an “easy” 5-miler.  With my 10K coming up on Saturday there’s no sense in pushing myself through a speed interval run 3 days before.  Unfortunately, I only ran 4.42.  When I hit Mile 4 my legs just ached, my foot ached, so I said “that’s enough”.  I’m not sure if I need to retire my current pair of shoes or if I’ve just been picking up the pace/mileage a lot more recently.  Getting injured before I begin marathon training is just silly.  It was still a great run, regardless.  After my run I rocked out some weighted squats and forward/backward lunges.  I wasn’t as “leg focused” in the weights department because I want my legs to feel rested come Saturday.  Ab workouts were added instead, followed by a hard 30-minute interval bike session.

Yesterday was a great workout – Tuesday Boot Camp Conditioning followed by a great 2.2-mile run with some workout buddies.  We ran it in 18:45.  Faster than last time and it felt slower.  Go us!  Great cardio day.

Now, even after a nutritious breakfast, I’m already starving.  It’s going to be a long day full of “food struggle”.  Aren’t those the worst?!  Granted, some days I feel “hungry all the time” when I’m just bored, tired, or stressed.  But today is a legit day where I can’t get full, even when eating plenty of protein & fiber.  Wish me luck, friends…I’m going to need it!


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