Thin Mint Sprint 5K Recap

Last Saturday was my 3rd 5K of the season.  And it’s been my best yet.  I woke up feeling uneasy and nervous after a not-so-great 5K and week of running last week.  My confidence was definitely waning.  But at the same time I was confident in a few things: I knew the course like the back of my hand having had run & biked it more times than I can remember and it was a delicious 53 degrees (PERFECT running weather!).  Sure, the start was a little chilly, but having one less variable to worry about (temperature/humidity) allowed me to focus and push myself harder to a 26:45 PR.  WOO!  Not fast by many people’s standards, but awesome by mine.  I looked down at my watch and saw where I ran my 3rd mile at 7:07.  WHAT?!  So cool!

Two 9-year olds took 1st and 2nd place for the whole thing…seriously…?  UGH!  But I felt great during and after the run.  And the best part?  Since it was sponsored by the Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois, there were FREE GIRL SCOUT COOKIES afterwards!  You better believe I ate a Thin Mint, even though I really just wanted a juicy piece of fruit.  But hey, this gal NEVER turns down a free Thin Mint.


The rest of my Saturday was followed by 2 cups of coffee, snuggling with Scout (my favorite thing in the whole word), a visit with my dad and a quick jaunt home to help my mom with odds & ends.  The best part of my Saturday?  Aside from the perfect temperature (73 degrees! and no humidity!), I lounged in the hammock WITH SCOUT.  It was one of those moments that you savor every last “drop” and say, “Life is so good right now”.  Scout was so adorable and just laid on top of me, looking around while we swung in the hammock, soaking up the delicious weather.  *bliss* 🙂


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