A “Life Is Good” Weekend

Sunday was like any other Sunday:  long run followed by weight training (legs, always) and a 30-minute interval recovery bike ride.  It was a great workout.  I ran 7.26 miles in 1:09:30.  Which is fast for me.  I don’t know why I worry in 5Ks when I can hold that same pace for so much longer on my long runs.  Just goes to show you how much mental power goes in to running.  It was a really peaceful run – I had the trails to myself for almost the entire run. Granted, there are runs when I need to see people and feel part of a community, but this one was perfectly quiet and full of introvert-mental-recovery 🙂

After a delicious recovery shake and a much-needed shower, I met up with a friend for some delicious lunch at The Boat House in Forest Park (St. Louis).  This is probably our favorite summer dining spot.  It has such a relaxed and fun atmosphere and GREAT for people watching (my absolute favorite past-time).  You have runners and cyclists that stop by after a run, “fancy folk” stopping in for dinner, and just your average person wanting a tasty meal while enjoying the weather.  Not to mention, they have great margaritas…pricey, but yummy!  Here’s a look at their menu.  I ordered the Garden Veggie Wrap.  Delicious!  Anything with basil is going to be a winner in my book.  My friend got the Salmon BLT which was also delicious.

I must confess (this always happens to me here)…I was a little tipsy after only half of my “solo-cup-sized” margarita.  I’m naturally a light-weight, but I always come super hungry & ready to eat (mistake #1). I know we will always have a 45 minute-1 hour wait but come with an empty stomach.  I’m usually dehydrated since it’s extra hot and I usually work out extra hard on a day when I eat here so I can enjoy it with a little extra calorie wiggle room (mistake #2). After I order my margarita, I plop down in one of the rocking chairs and quickly sip my drink like it’s liquid candy….because it is.  Then when I stand up to go to our table I get a nice surprise at my wobbliness (mistake #3).  But, it was nothing a little food, water, & laughing couldn’t cure before I made the drive back home to the Illinois side!

It was such a great weekend – both Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were just what I needed to recharge my batteries.  Can’t wait for this next weekend to get here…hopefully it can come close to another “life is good” repeat! 🙂


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