Bonifest 5K Recap

Oh dear.  Saturday’s 5K.  Not my prettiest performance, but I still finished in 29:30, 15/37 in my age group.  So it was still a good finish, but the in-betweens were not so great.  I started my morning with the same tummy issues I’ve been dealing with since early last week.  I’ve been waking up feeling fine, then not even 10 minutes after the alarm, my stomach and intestines start cramping.  WHYYYY?!  So I treated my body gingerly before the race, taking tiny sips of water, only eating 1 piece of toast w/peanut butter and honey.  My whole abdomen still managed to cramp.  I’ve been developing side stitches, even during easy 3-milers (very weird).  Needless to say, I had the side stitch from hell during the race and it forced me to WALK!  I’ve nevvvvver in my running “career” walked during a race or training run.  In fact, in this race, I had to walk twice because the side stitch/cramp was so bad.  I was so disappointed in myself. I know, I know…I need to lighten up on myself.  It’s just a race, it’s just a run, and it doesn’t define me.  But I still let it.  Silly, I know.
I finished in a dead sprint – my signature in 5Ks…I leave just enough in the tank to zoom past everyone and finish really strong.  Because of the heat, and pushing myself, and my tummy issues, I immediately thought I was going to lose my breakfast upon crossing the finish line.  I quickly walked to the water tent, sipped on some water and grape Kool-Aid (Hello, childhood!) and waited for my friend to finish.  I had a few minutes to compose myself and I saw her enter the “chute”.  Ok, it wasn’t a chute, it was just the last straight-away leading to the finish line.  With my water & Kool-Aid in hand, I ran the last leg with her, encouraging her to finish strong and happy.

Next time I run a 5K and a friend is running too, I might just run with them for fun and not worry about my time.  I had so much fun running with her in the last few seconds of her race.  Note to self: quit taking everything (especially running) so seriously. In the last week, I’ve run with more people than I have in the entire 3 years I’ve been running.  And I’ve had a blast.

We treated ourselves to free beer post-race.  I never liked the idea of drinking a beer after a race and never understood why people flock to the beer tent after a race.  Usually I just crave water, Gatorade, or fruit (oranges, grapes, etc.). But WOW did that beer taste amazing.  I was actually excited for the carbonation to hopefully settle my tummy.  And it did.  The beer was colder than the bottle of water.  No wonder people prefer beer over water after races.

We continued our treat-fest by getting pedicures immediately after the race.  We hung around for a bit to finish our beer and claim our door prizes (I won a free oil-change…woo!) but sped off for pedicure-city.  We were still pretty sweaty & stinky, but I’m telling you, a pedicure after a race is the best thing in the world.  You know that feeling of taking off your shoes & socks after a long, hot run?  Imagine that feeling x10!  Oh my goodness, I still can’t get over how fantastic my feet felt after that pedicure.  Pain then pedicure.  Definitely worth it!

My next 5k is scheduled for this Saturday.  Free Girl Scout cookies at the end of this race…I just hope it’s a bit cooler!!



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