Confessions of a Pack Rat

Happy Post-Mother’s Day to all!  After my early Gospel Workout, I spent Mother’s Day with my mom, dad, 2 aunts, and 2 dogs.  …And I ate half of a peach pie all by myself.  Whatever.  Regardless of my gluttony, it was a nice day and the weather was perfect.  It was my first “Mother’s Day” as a dog mom!

Last week I attended the first of 3 required work-“trainings” that all staff must attend.  In my particular section, the opening ice breaker had us think about the one thing that you should have thrown away but can’t.  After we all came to the conclusion that we’re all pack rats and hold on to things for sentimental reasons, I came up with more than one thing:

  • Anything my dad has given me or made for me.  I may have him wrapped around my finger, but I’ve always been wrapped around his.  We’re buddies and cut from the same cloth.  A few things:
  1. A “treasure box” he made for me that stores stupid crap revolving around inside jokes he and I share.
  2. His Air Force fly jacket from the 1950s.  I obviously can’t/won’t wear it but he wanted me to have it, so I keep it.
  3. An engagement ring from a previous relationship he had long before me met mt mom.  A constant reminder to listen to YOUR heart, follow YOUR path, write your own story, and forget anything else.
  4. An air pump that is as old as he is and doesn’t work anymore. But it reminds me of my childhood summers spent with him doing odds and ends around the house and garage.
  5. A wooden #4, no bigger than my palm, that he painted yellow. He’s great at woodworking. I don’t remember him making other numbers for my different ages, but I still have it.
  • All of my dogs collars, a few of each dog’s favorite toys, and my rabbit’s favorite “toy” and some of her fur (I know, this one is borderline hoarder!)
  • Any jewelry my parents, grandparents, and aunts/uncles have given to me.  Even if it was a silly adjustable ring I wore when I was 5.  Of course, the plastic jewelry is gone, but the “real” stuff I won’t wear anymore is packed away.  The sterling silver ring I always wear on my right middle finger was a gift from my mom. It means nothing symbolically, but I’ve always worn it and can’t see any reason not to!
  • A “homemade barbell” my uncle made me when he found out I can only bench press the bar (45 lbs) twice.  He made a mini bar that I can hold up with my pinky so that now I can say, “I can bench press the bar X amount of times”.  Silly.
  • Cards. Of any kind. Christmas cards, thank you cards, birthday cards, “just because” cards.  If you’ve given me one, I still have it.  Sometimes it’s nice to get a few out on a bad day to remind me how powerful words of friends, family, and loved ones are.
  • Running shoes.  I have a running shoe graveyard. “Dead” running shoes go into my “everyday wear” category. And the shoes being replaced go into the “dirty jobs” category.  It’s ridiculous.

How did you spend your weekend/Mother’s Day?  I hope the weather was as beautiful as it was here!

Are you a pack rat like me and have things you just can’t get rid of?





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