You Might Be A Runner If…

I stole this from one of my favorite blogs, Hungry Runner Girl. This “You Might Be A Runner” list is scarily accurate:

You Might Be A Runner If…
1 You see someone running while you are riding in your car and wish it was you.
2 … you find greater joy in spending your money on running apparel, shoes & gear than on a pair of designer jeans or monogrammed purses.
3 Your sneakers cost more than you dress shoes.
4 You are thinking about your next race while running in one
5 Running is a way of life, not a hobby.
6 part of your monthly expense budget goes to race fees!
7 you are actually happy about doing laundry because now you will have clean running clothes.
8 you decide to sleep in and skip your run, but then somehow get your run in before the day is over anyway
9 you’re looking at this website instead of Facebook.
10 You read every entry on this list because of the pure satisfaction of realizing YOU’RE NOT ALONE!!
11 your day isn’t complete until you’ve put your run in.
12 you always go to the sports section to look for new running gear and new running shoes first when shopping
13 When people ask what happens if it rains during a race, you smartly tell them, “You get wet.”
14 your daily run is like therapy, or an anti-depressant.
15 people often shake their heads when you tell them what you did over the weekend.
16 You hear you have to go somewhere for an upcoming weekend and immediately check out the races close to your destination.
17 Waiting for someone who is walking on a treadmill makes you want to scream.
18 you get upset about injuries because they keep you from running, not because you have actually damaged your body.
19 you are truly too tired to help with house chores, but can still pull a 40-60 minute run.
20 the first thing you do after a run is log miles.
21 Your ‘To Do’ list reads:
1) Go Run
2) Everything Else
22 The first thing you pack for a business trip is running gear.
23 you know exactly how many miles are logged on your running shoes.
24 Starting with a 5:30am run is a great way to start your day.
25 when you’re told you need surgery and your first question is how soon can I go running afterwards.

I relate the most to…well all of them! But more importantly: #2, 3, 5, 7, 12, 14, 15, 18, 22, 24, & 25.  I know, I know…I still listed nearly the entire first 25.  A little explanations:

#2, 3, 7, & 12:  Sadly true.  I’ve never been a fashionista.  Proof: the first thing I do after work is change into comfy pants and a tshirt.  Running clothes and shoes dominate my “clothes budget”.  When I run into stores like Macy’s, Target, and Old Navy, I skim through the “normal clothes sections” but I really dig into the “active wear” sections.  I have a HUGE running apparel wish list.  I recommend shopping at Target & Sports Authority, though.  They have the best deals and I’m not about to drop a boatload of money on a pair of shorts that will just get gross & sweaty.  I don’t believe a $90 pair of Nike shorts are any better than the $15 pair of C9 shorts from Target.

#5: AMEN.  Running defines me.  It’s not just a past time.  Everything I do when I’m not running is a post- or pre- running strategy.  I’m either living my life in “running recovery” mode or in “running prep” mode.  To help explain this to my mother, I compare it to a pregnancy.  I’m scoping out my races at least a year in advance (pre-conception planning). Once I commit to a race, I typically have a 12-16 week training period (the actual pregnancy).  During this time I’m doing everything in my power to better myself (mentally and physically) through food habits, sleep habits, etc. Even before my training starts (which is marked in my calendar), I’m already changing my diet and workout habits.  The last few weeks before a race I am a nervous wreck! (last few weeks of pregnancy).  I put my diet on super-healthy mode and become an emotional roller coaster from nerves and thinking about what I should have/didn’t do during my training.  Then comes race day (birth).  It’s mentally and physically painful but so worth it.  Crossing that finish line and eating those recovery yummies (oranges for me, please) is the best feeling in the world.  The comes the next few days/weeks (aka recovery & postpartum depression).  I’ve spent the last 4-6 months of my life focusing and revolving my life around ONLY THIS RACE. The “now what…?” phase is a weird feeling. Then, I hang my bib & race medal up on my wall and it becomes my pride and joy.  I currently have 5 children 🙂

#14: YES!  Running is better than any drug, food, or indulgence.  Even when it hurts or I have a bad run, I feel better than I would had I decided to skip a run and rack my brain with guilt and feelings of loathing (a little dramatic, I know).

#15: “What’d you do this weekend, Sarah?”  Oh, you know…I ran 15 miles, just the usual.  The last month of marathon training always consumes a solid weekend day with running.

#18 & 25: Guilty.  I’ve never thought of injuries as “Wow, my body is damaged because of something I did to it…”  I think of injuries as set-backs that keep me from doing what I want.  I recently had the threat of additional surgery on my Achilles a few months ago.  And instead of fearing the actual surgery my first fear was “Oh no, how many weeks will I have to go without running…?”  Problematic.

#22: It’s not only the first thing I pack (regardless of concrete plans to run…it’s always “just in case I have time to squeeze in a run”), it’s also the first thing added to my “things to pack” list.

#24: Most of 5-6 days of my week start out with a workout.  The days I don’t make it to the gym in the morning always feel “off”.  No matter how tired I am and how much I’d rather stay in bed for a few more hours, I never regret trekking to the gym in the wee hours of the morning to start my day off right.


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