5K Recap

As promised, a recap of Saturday’s 5K.  I’ll give you the results first: 27:10 finish time. AWESOME! My overall goals were met: finish in under 30 minutes and average less than 9 minute miles.  I don’t know what my splits were since the miles weren’t marked throughout the course, but I averaged an 8:45 mile.  WOO!  I set a new 5K PR!

As I recalled from last year’s race, and from previous experience running lots of hills during volleyball practice in high school, it was a tough course.  Alton is full of hills and brick roads. One word: ouch!

We lined up and darted off. I don’t think I’ve ever bolted so fast to start a race in my entire running career.  I was flying. Granted, the first few seconds were downhill, followed by a serious incline.  Then more hills, and more brick roads.

I’ve never had so many “I want to walk” moments in a race before.  I knew 5Ks are pretty intense, but whoa. It was 27 minutes of torture.  Ok, torture is a bit much.  But it was pretty uncomfortable.  Not to mention, it was hot and humid.  It was a balmy 75 degrees with 85% humidity.  Yuck!

I first noticed that my arms were so sore from hauling my dog all over campus the day before.  I never thought tired arms would affect my physical and mental status during a run.  Just goes to show that arm are included in good running form!  The next thing I noticed was how tired my quads felt so quickly.  That could have been from being “sick” all week and not running or lifting weights.  Or it just could have been because I’d never run that fast for that long before.

The last part of the race was uphill that began the race downhill.  Torture.  It’s a slow but steady incline.  Somehow I’d left enough juice in my tank to kick it in gear and finish strong, placing 2nd in my age group.  I was a little disappointed I didn’t get first in my age group: the girl that placed first was only 15 seconds ahead of me and passed be at one point.

Eh well. Something to work on for next year!

Check out my “2nd place age group” medal:

It fits nicely on my wall of race bibs & medals:

And just like my last race, I brought Pops along with me:

3.3.33. A little smudged from sweat….


My lungs held up for the most part.  The inflammation & coughing didn’t kick in until after I crossed the finish line. Now I have plenty of time for them to “settle down” before my next 5K on Memorial Day Weekend.  So pumped!  It will be a much flatter course 🙂


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