Sick Days, Clean Recipes, 5K Prep!

Woof!  So sorry for my lack of posts!  Not that I exactly have followers that would be wondering where I was, but I had a busy weekend, busy Monday, and was down for the count Tuesday and Wednesday with awful allergies/cold/sinus grossness.  Seriously 4 boxes of tissues in 3-4 days!!!  Come on, St. Louis! You’re killing me!!  I feel like the older I get, the harder “sickness” knocks me down. Back in my “younger days” (HAHA!), I would say “Oh, it’s just allergies, I’ll go into work”.  Now I feel the need to take a solid 2 days off not just because I felt miserable, but to have an extra rest day to make sure I kick the sickness where the sun don’t shine.

I’ve been doing relatively fine indoors but as soon as I walk outside it’s like nuclear warfare in my head and everything waters, burns, or aches.  Ridiculous.  This darn “warmer than usual” winter/spring is no longer welcome here.  Fortunately, the rain this morning may have helped tame the invaders…until the mold count sky-rockets again.  Oy.  I will say, my allergies have never been this bad.  I’ve been tempted to try the Neti Pot…but I can’t even shower without worrying about accidentally inhaling water so that would be an interesting adventure.  “Let’s see what POURING water up my nose will do…”  Brilliant.

I might add another complaint if that’s ok…My first 5K of the “season” is tomorrow.  Perfect timing, eh?  I did a quick & easy run this morning since I hadn’t even THOUGHT about working out/running this past week to get my legs moving and see how my lungs will hold up.  They’re a little tender so I just have to hope & pray that they stay at their current status and don’t become more inflamed and irritated before tomorrow morning.  After tomorrow, I’ve got 3 weeks to “heal” before my next race.  Come on lungs! Don’t fail me now!!

Here’s a recap of our week:

We did a lot of this…snuggling on the couch.

More snuggling…

She has outgrown her kennel overnight…so I MIGHT have let her sleep with me the last few hours of each night’s sleep. How can you say no to that face?!

More snuggle time in bed…bad dog mommy…

Part of me is so sad that she’s outgrown her kennel.  She has plenty of room to sleep in it, she’s just too tall for it now.  And I can tell she’s more restless at night AND I have to wrestle her to get her to go back in…unpleasant and not fair to her.  So, we now have a less-than cozy kennel meant for a dog up to 70 lbs with a divider so she still has a small cozy space.  It’s a black wire kennel and not the “pet carrier” type so it just seems cold and prison-like to me instead of warm & cave-like.  She whined a bit when we tried it out and she kept taking her 2 “sleep toys” out several times before bed as if to say “Those don’t belong in here…they go in my other house”.  I woke up several times and wanted to snuggle with her so badly (especially while she’s still small and doesn’t consume 75% of the bed)…but I stayed strong. Even after she whined to go outside and she came back in.  Ugh.  Motherhood is tough! 🙂

Last night’s dinner was easy since I wasn’t too enthused to cook and I had already made part of it during one of my sick days.  On the menu: Cauliflower Mashed “Not So” Potatoes and Mustard Pretzel Encrusted Chicken.

The cauliflower is from a clean-eating recipe and is shockingly delicious:

  • Steam 1 head of cauliflower
  • Process in food processor until smooth
  • Add 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, blend further
  • 1/3 cup of shredded Gouda (Parmesan would work well too)
  • Add salt & pepper to taste

Voila! You forget your eating a vegetable…and A LOT of a vegetable!  This recipe takes me 15 minutes TOPS to make.  Honestly, steaming the cauliflower takes the longest. And it’s GREAT to make it ahead and pop in the refrigerator.

For the chicken:

  • Brush mustard (Dijon, regular, or coarse mustard) on both sides of chicken breast
  • Bread chicken in crushed sourdough pretzels (I like a combination of finely crushed & coarsely crushed pretzels for coverage & taste purposes!)
  • Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes

And there you have it.  Healthy, clean, and easy supper.

This is what happens after supper:

Scout & Hobbes sharing “femur”. Precious.

A 5K recap to look forward to after tomorrow! YAY!


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